Sunday, 27 May 2012

WW1 German Jager

 These guys are another group that I received as a Christmas gift last year.
 Great War Miniatures make some truly outstanding figures and these are right up there with the best. Nice poses and all of them are different.


On patrol.

I have also been working on another damaged building for our WW1 stuff and I will post some pic's of the latest one soon.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Fort Wayne.

A couple of months ago I started gluing sticks together and Fort Wayne began to take shape.

 This all came about due to a conversation early last year between my mate Wayne and I over needing a fort for our Southern Strategists group for our FIW games. I thought, this sounds like something that I could have a go at, so after a year of procrastinating I made a start.
Because it was Wayne's idea I have named it after him and it now resides in his wargames room.

The base is made from 3mm MDF with a textured plaster covering, the walls are sanded strips of balsa wood and the lift off roof is made from card tiles.

I made the walkway around the fort rather wide to help accommodate our figure's bases.

 There are wall sections that are the same size as the building to allow for it to be part of the wall or placed within the walls or left out altogether.

 The gates are hinged so that they could be left open or closed.

 The card tiled roof can be removed to allow for the placement of figures within the building.

I also made up a couple of stands of damaged wall section for when the attacker finally breaks in.

The fort saw action back in March when we had our first FIW game and

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Building in ruins

I started making some ruined buildings, mainly for our WW1 games. I'm keen to fight some skirmish level games at some point (no rules yet), so I have made them more closely to 28mm scale than I would for battalion or regimental type games that really require a smaller foot print.

The main ingredients were foamcard, DAS modelling clay (for the brickwork), cardboard and balsa wood. I have another couple to finish of yet and will post some photos of them when they are complete.

A group of British troops moving in for a closer look.

German officers confer in the courtyard.

German command making use of the roof area for observation.

British troops in defence.

Roof and upper floor sections are removable to allow for the placement of figures.
There is a little bit of rubble inside the building too.