Monday, 20 August 2012

WW1 German SMG's

These guys are another lot that were finished off a few weeks ago. Figures are from Great War Miniatures this time and very enjoyable to paint too.

Flushing out a building.
Aim at him not me!

Sunday, 5 August 2012

SAGA countdown

On Wednesday night the Southern Strategists will have their first games of SAGA.
With that thought in mind I decided to finish off these two Viking dudes. Given to me by my friend Geoff last year when I was making the Longboat. They were both originally swinging axes but after a fair amount of carving out lead and drilling holes in their hands they are now hauling on ropes to help beach the boat.
I have no idea what make of figures these guys are.

Axes removed and now with ropes in their hands.

 Last weekend I also decided to have a wee play with Photoshop. The thought of having four separate measuring sticks floating around the table during a game didn't sound like a winner to me. So armed with a download of the measuring sticks I cut and moved and rotated them around until I came up with a one piece measuring stick. The "S" and "M" are also staggered so as to be able to quickly see the distance. With "VS" at right angles it is very easy to measure between figures.

It was then a matter of printing it out and glueing it to some cardboard.

My measuring stick

Checking unit formation.

Some levy checking the range to these Berserkers.

Beserkers on the move.
Looking forward to my first game of SAGA.