Friday, 27 June 2014

Americans from Sweden!

Following on from my win on Tamsin's Wargaming Girl blog I managed to get another win on Michael's Dalauppror blog!

 Below are photos of the WW2 Americans that won.

An American infantryman about to lunch a grenade from his rifle.

An American infantryman armed with a flamethrower.

and an American sniper.

 The very cool card that Michael sent with the troops and.....

.......a bunch of pamphlets from the Swedish History Museum, the Vasa Museum, The Royal Armoury and the Army Museum. Underneath all these is a map of where to find 85 museums in Stockholm. They all look very interesting. Now all I need to do is get myself to Sweden!

Thank you very much Michael.

If you have not visited Michael's blog before I suggest that you do. Lots of wonderful stuff there including some of the best homemade hand painted flags you could ever find.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Viking Warlords

Picked up a couple of sets from Gripping Beast a while back. One of which was a Viking Command set.

The other week we had a Dark Age game on and needed some more command figures so I set to and painted these guys.

Nothing too special, a relatively  straight forward paintjob. Based these two on slightly larger bases to help me identify them on the table.

Had another win on a blog giveaway too. More on this later this week!

Saturday, 14 June 2014

A TamsinP Original!

Back on the 9th of May I entered into a prize draw on Tamsin's blog  Wargaming Girl.
An excellent  blog that is well worth a visit. You will not be disappointed!

I was very very lucky to have my name drawn out first and as a result of which I had first pick of the gangsters that were up for grabs.

Earlier this week I got home from work to find a parcel on the kitchen bench. I opened it up and unwrapped this wonderful figure.
 I think he looks better in the "flesh" than in the photos.
But wait, there's more.......

Another little package was fond inside. 

The bubble wrap then revealed this very cool Model A Ford!!

 This chap is a very cool figure and has been giving an awesome paint job by Tamsin. I am very very pleased to have him. 

Thanks again Tamsin.

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Bolt Action in the Jungle.

With last Monday being a public holiday what could be better than spending some time pushing some lead and plastic around.

We decided to have a Bolt Action game using Brad's Japanese against his Brit's and Aussies.

Relatively simple affair using what he had in a chance encounter near a Japanese jungle village.

The layout of the table.

Brit command moving up in support of the HMG

Japanese squad moving through some jungle.

 With not so much cover in the centre of the table both sides tried going around the flanks.

 On the British right flank two Bren carriers and some infantry cross the river using the available cover to engage the Japanese troops on that side of the village.
 Around the left flank two squads of Brit's spread out to take on the Jap's.Leaving the HMG and their commander watching over the centre.

 Opposite them the Japanese also had a HMG setup in one of the buildings with their commander close by. A squad of infantry took over another building around their left flank ready for when the Bren carriers crossed the river.
A Japanese squad in the jungle on the right flank.

With the HMGs trading fire the British command was being reduced.

 In the end it came down to most of the units trading shots and reducing the squads fairly evenly. The Bren's and the infantry with them assaulted the first building with Japanese in it and took them out and then moved onto the building with the HMG in it. Having removed the HMG threat, and with all the squads now running out of man power the game came to an end.

Although I didn't play (I was Chief dice puller outer of the bag and umpire) it was a very enjoyable afternoon. 

Thanks to Brad for supplying all the troops and scenery. 

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Dark Age extras

A box of Gripping Beast's Dark Age Warriors provided the recruits for this group.

I was told that these guys would be required for a game in a few weeks time. 12 figures he said, so here they are.

  Six are armed with spears.....
......and the other six are armed with axes and swords.

 Found a container the other week full of "way out of date" Kiwi 2 cent pieces. I thought they were a good size for figure bases so I have used them here. Might have to re-base all my Dark Age troops now!

 The rest of the box will be made up into levy type troops for Saga with a few left overs.