Sunday, 23 August 2015

General de Brigade action

Two Napoleonic games in two days. A 20mm game last Friday week(see last post) and then another on the Saturday.

The Saturday game included Paul from Paintinglittlesoldiers, have a look on his blog for more photos, and Mark from Chasseur , another blog that is well worth a look.

 The Russian army was forming up in front of the advancing French army. Their centre was making good use of a farm.

 The remainder of the Russian force deployed on either side.

 Advancing toward the Russians was a French allied army.

 Some lucky dice from the French gun battery had the Russian light troops, in the wood, scurrying back with a bloody nose.
 The French slowly advanced on the Russian flank.

French high command.

 The Russians formed up on the far flank in time to meet the French.

 With no shortage in troops the French pressed on right across their front.

 The cavalry duel on the far flank seemed to be going the way of the French.....
 ...but the Russian artillery was in fine form and casualties were mounting rapidly on the French allies.
 With the French artillery massed in the centre of the battlefield not having the desired result it was down to the infantry to push on.
 On both sides of the farm house the French attacks were met with stiff Russian resistance.

 All along the French line the units were stopped in their tracks or forced to go back.

 It didn't help that both infantry brigades rolled badly for brigade morale.

French flank commander desperately trying to rally his troops.

 The French troops did get back under control and were readying themselves for a another attack when we called time.

BUT THEN........

 Although the two Russian commanders had to leave at this point Chris and I (well Chris really, I was dead against such a low thing) decided to keep playing and as the Russians were not there to roll dice it was not long until we had total control of the table!
A great afternoons gaming, thanks gents.
Thanks to Chris for hosting the game and for supplying all the troops and terrain.

Sunday, 16 August 2015

20mm Napoleonic action

For last Friday's game we dragged out our 20mm Napoleonic troops. These guys have been tucked up in their boxes for a while and were in need of some fresh air.

A combined Brunswick and Bavarian force were attempting to hold off an army made up of French and Saxons.

Brunswick troops awaiting the French attack.
 The Bavarians and Brunswickers were arrayed across the path of the advancing French and Saxons.

Saxon and French infantry prepare for battle.

 The Bavarian and Brunswick artillery opened fire on their enemies as soon as they were in range trying to reduce their numbers before contact.

Saxons open fire on the Brunswick infantry.

 Soon the two lines of troops met in the centre.
 The Brunswickers tried to shoot it out but with cavalry and infantry charging into them it was not looking good.
 More French and Saxon cavalry lurking on the flanks.
 Even with the help of the Bavarian artillery the attack could not be stopped. The defeated Brunswick infantry fell back past the hedge. Now the Bavarians had to stem the flow. With the cavalry blown the Saxon infantry had to carry on by themselves. The Bavarians held but it was too little too late. With night fall approaching the Brunswick and Bavarian army began to withdraw.
The last line of defence.

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Ducks from Anne and more Lion Rampant

When I made the castle for our Lion Rampant games back at the start of the year I wanted to have some ducks swimming along in the moat. I didn't get around to doing that. However, then I won another blog giveaway, this time from Anne at O'Leary Miniatures.
Anne very kindly gave me $20 to spend at Warbases .  A quick look on their website and I was ordering the ducks. To finish off the order I also ordered a wagon and some 25mm bases.

 The ducks painted up and happily checking out the castle walls.

My thanks to Anne and to Warbases.
 Fantastic service from Warbases, they have a great range of MDF kits and as you might think they do a large number of different bases too.
28mm wagon that will be used in many games I think.
 Have a look at Anne's blog (if you have not been there before), she is a very talented lady, apart from her wonderful figure painting she also plays the drums and is rather fond of a bit of photography.

Warbases is also well worth a visit. Great range of figures, kits and bases and excellent service.


 We had another crack at Lion Rampant last Friday night. Smallish forces attempting to take control of an area containing a number of small farms.

 The main reason for this game was to introduce Phil to the rules.

 On the whole the game went relatively evenly with both sides losing units until Prince Philip squared off against Geoffrey, Duke of Avonhead. Their units clashed and when the Prince ended up being the last man standing the Duke's army fled the field.
Prince Philip standing alone and victorious.
Another enjoyable game with the lads.