Sunday 21 June 2020

Oosterbeek 1944

The other day the lads got together for a small Chain of Command game. We took the scenario from Wargames Soldiers and Strategy 107.

An SS German force was closing in on the British Paras in Oosterbeek.

 The Germans had to get a couple of units off of the other end of the table.
 The Paras had dug in along the line of the road.
 One German squad worked their way up the left flank firing from cover as they went.
 The British sections dug amongst the trees and also had a 6pdr dug in covering the approach road.
 Another German squad worked their way through the trees on the right flank.
 In front of them was another Para section, dug in and waiting for them.
As it turned out the Germans kept rolling double 6s and recieved three or four turns in a row.
This enabled them to advance a long way with little interference from the British. In the end the Paras alsogot a det of double turns but by then the damage was done.


  1. Great sounding scenario Rodger.

  2. The luck of the Germans...
    Looks like a fun encounter.

  3. Nice one Roger. W
    e now play the 'every time you roll two or more sixes take a dice out of the pool for the next roll'.

    1. Hi Paul, We play, change the colour of one dice in the pool and any sixes on that dice don't count. However we still managed multiple phases!

  4. Great looking table layout Roger. I love the rusty corrugated lean-to next to the shed.

  5. Fabulous looking game Rodger.
    Regards, James

  6. Sounds great, superb looking game!