Sunday 21 June 2020

Oosterbeek 1944

The other day the lads got together for a small Chain of Command game. We took the scenario from Wargames Soldiers and Strategy 107.

An SS German force was closing in on the British Paras in Oosterbeek.

 The Germans had to get a couple of units off of the other end of the table.
 The Paras had dug in along the line of the road.
 One German squad worked their way up the left flank firing from cover as they went.
 The British sections dug amongst the trees and also had a 6pdr dug in covering the approach road.
 Another German squad worked their way through the trees on the right flank.
 In front of them was another Para section, dug in and waiting for them.
As it turned out the Germans kept rolling double 6s and recieved three or four turns in a row.
This enabled them to advance a long way with little interference from the British. In the end the Paras alsogot a det of double turns but by then the damage was done.

Wednesday 10 June 2020

The Island of Marganspor

Last Wednesday nights game was set on the mysterious island called Marganspor.

Two groups, of adventurers and explorers, had landed on the island attempting to find and save two of Dr Livingstones daughters that had been captured by a local native tribe. With such a large reward being offered for their safe return our two groups were prepared to do anything.

This is how the island looked at the end of the game.
 The groups started the game on the beach, at two of the corners of the table. ( The beach corner tiles with tents marking the camps)
 With no idea what was where they set off to discover what lay head. Each terrain square not being revealed until a player moved onto it.( too much fog and dense jungle to see through)
 With no map to go by the players had to keep shearching tiles looking for the village where the women are held.
 The island was covered in patches of long grass, high rocks, religious places and strange caves.
 Apart from the vegetation causing problems there was also wild animals and native hunting parties to either try and avoid or else deal with.

 Traders could also be found. These guys were helpful by swapping out equipment, food or other necessities with groups. Some of the  characters had bearers to carry food and goods allowing the characters to carry weapons unhindered.
 By now both groups had worked their way north through the island managing to avoid each other, (neither group willing to fight each other yet) but still no sign of the village.
 Ponds, swamps and massive rock skulls were found .
 Finilly one group of characters located the village. They were immediately set upon by a bunch of natives.
 The other group arrived shortly afterward and with all the fighting and confusion going on, snuck into the village, rescued the women and took off through the trees.
 The first group managed to deal to the natives and then attacked the other group as they were sneaking away but, they were unable to prevent the second group of characters securing the win.

These last two photos and the first one are how the table would have looked at the end of the game with the other coastal tiles in place and all the cards and dice etc removed.

Sunday 19 April 2020

WW2 British Paras

During this lockdown I have managed to get my British Paras to a useful stage.

Three full sections for CoC, plenty of higher command options plus a Glider (Airfix), a 6pdr anti tank gun, HMG team, PIAT and 2"mortar teams, Medics and a sniper. There is even a radio man as a FOO.
A couple jeeps and trailers in there too.

The carts I have used as JoPs. So also could the 3d printed parachutes.

Still on the painting table is another section and additional 2"mortar and PIAT teams as further support options. I still have a couple of plastic fig's left on the sprue that I might attempt to make into some extra crew figures.

Thanks Gav. I have finally painted these two.

Tuesday 14 April 2020

Rorke's Drift buildings

The last post from me, before the lockdown, was one of one of our Rorke's Drift games.
After that game I decided to have a go at making the buildings.

Mainly made from foam board and 3mm MDF.

They have been used a few times since. I have included a few photos from one of those times.

Not perfect, I know but they will do the job.

The first three photos are from my phone( poor quality)

The store, out house, and ovens.

The store

The hospital.

I made a redoubt for it too.

Saturday 11 April 2020

The Rescue mission

This is yet another game we played at some piont over the last year or so.

A sub was dropped off a couple of groups of troops along the English coast to rescue a captured agent.

They had to meet up with a German spy who would be able to inform them where the agent was being held.

After having collected the agent all the Germans had to do was get back to the sub and off back home.

However the Home Guard had other ideas.

We used Rugged adventure rules for this game.