Monday, 6 June 2011

Viking Longship

The sight of a Viking longship was seen as a sign of terror and destruction to come. Hopefully this one will do much the same to my wargaming buddies.
Constructed from balsa wood and cardboard over the past few weeks this longship has been designed to be mainly a “backdrop” piece for our games between the Vikings and Saxons. I was originally intending to make two but having spent so long making this one, I think one will do. I have, however made the mast removable.  By leaving out most of the rigging, changing the mast is an easy operation. One mast with the sail rolled up for when on shore and two masts when at sea.  You may notice that the oars are difficult to see, that is because they are stored under the deck boards at present.
It was difficult to decide on the size of ship to make. I needed something big enough to carry a dozen- or-so Vikings and still look the part. I drew out a rough plan for the base and then made it up as I went along. The dragon head became the most expensive part of the whole operation. First having to pay for a McDonalds “Happy Meal” and then having to pay again to get the toy from my son!

Roll on the first raid...
The Vikings are coming.
Rough seas.

On the high seas.
Converted slinger figure to steer the ship.

McDonalds Dragon head.
The loot.
The raid.
View of the deak.