Sunday, 11 January 2015

7 Weeks war in 15mm

Last weeks game with the lads was taken from the "7 Weeks war" or the "Austro-Prussian war of 1866".
This battle was between Bavaria (allied with Austria and numerous other German states) and Prussia.

 The Prussian army was on the march. For the Bavarians, all they had to do was to keep the Prussians from getting their army across the river. Four bridges crossed the river, but all had charges under them, and all had Bavarian troops surrounding the exit points.
 The Bavarians could attempt to blow one bridge per turn. Secretly they selected the order in which they would attempt to blow the bridges. There being a chance that the bridge would only have some damage and would therefore still be usable to the Prussians.

 The Bavarians had more troops arriving to bolster the defences.

 The Prussians kicked off going for all four bridges on turn one. The Prussians however blow their first bridge and the right hand Prussian Division had to change direction.

 The Prussians charge across the bridge into the Bavarians in the town opposite. At the same time the Bavarians on the other flank detonate another bridge, trapping several Prussian Brigades on the other side.
 The town at the bridge became a main point in the battle. Four times the Prussian took the town, and therefore the bridge and four times they were pushed back out by counter attacking Bavarians.
 This bridge was damaged but the Prussians could still cross at one unit a turn.  Several Brigades got across but were always under pressure and were forced to retreat or surrender.
 Massed Prussian artillery all aimed at the town to help soften up it's defenders.
 Finally the Prussian cavalry arrived on the scene. Their first mission was to find a ford across the river.
 With the ford found the Prussian cavalry streamed across and charged into the waiting Bavarians.
 This was too much for the Bavarians who had held up well under Prussian attacks. Their morale wavered and the Prussian cavalry broke through.
 Despite still being in possession of the town the Bavarians were suffering the losses they had sustained and began to withdraw.
A very hard fought victory to the Prussians.

Thanks to Adrian for supplying all the troops, the bridges and all the buildings.
The rules used were Volley and Bayonet.

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Samurai game

Last week we had a small game using Gav's Samurai figures.

I can't remember all the different names of the troops types so I will just simply show you the photos I took.

The rules used were a modified version of the LotR rules. Similar to the rules we use for our Dark Age games.

 This was really just a trial game to try out the rules.

Very colourful looking troops and an enjoyable game.