Sunday, 20 September 2015

The Siege

On Friday night the lads got together for a try at doing a siege on the castle. We used Geoff's modified Lord of the Rings rules.

 The walls of the castle had already been breached on one side.
 The attackers split up with half their number going for the breach while the rest attacked the wall on the opposite side.
 The defending archers took aim at the troops carrying the ladders, picking them off in ones and twos.
Unfortunately for them this made them targets for the attackers archers and at two to one odds in favour of the attacker this was not going to go well.
 The defenders spread themselves around the battlements and at the breach.

 By the time the ladder carrying troops got to the walls the defending archers had almost been wiped out. This made it very hard for the defenders to man the walls without being taken out by arrows.

 With ladders against the wall the attackers started to pour in.

 In the end nowhere near enough troops left to defend the castle. Next time the defenders will be given more troops to play with.
Nevertheless it was an enjoyable night pushing the boys around.

Sunday, 6 September 2015

More Dark Age figures

Painted up these guys a wee while ago and have finally got some grass on the bases.

Mostly Foundry figures, I think along with a couple from Gripping Beast.

A view from behind.

I have no idea about the brand of this. Originally it was one piece, but I cut into two models.

From memory these two chaps are from Gripping Beast.