Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Jungle buildings (part 2)

I wasn't completely satisfied with my first attempts at making some jungle buildings for a fellow gamer.

  A month or so ago I happened to come across some plastic matting stuff in a 1,2,3 Dollar shop. After painting it I then glued it to a frame made from bamboo skewers. I cut around the windows and doors, joined the wall sections together and made a roof from a piece of card. The roof was then covered in plumbers lagging material. Once this was dry I washed the lagging with watered down PVA and brushed the stuff  to get it into line. For the platform I used some small dowel and more skewers.

As with the others, the roof comes off and the raised platform is separate.

I borrowed some of my mate Gav's Japanese troops for the photo shoot. You can check out his other stuff at Ogilvie VC. Tell him that it is about time he posted some more stuff.

On the ground.

Inside view.

The lot so far.


Sunday, 29 December 2013

A Vikings Raid!

Got together the other day with a couple of others for a bit of a Dark Age bash. A Viking raid on a Saxon village was the name of the game. With the Vikings rushing ashore trying to capture the civilians and livestock before they can get to the safety of the fort with all their worldly goods.

 The Vikings have hit the beach and in the foreground the locals are busily trying to get their livestock moving in the direction of the fort!
 The fort end of the table. This is where all the Saxons want to be, with enough troops to man the walls.

 The village end of the table. The Vikings have come to gather up some sheep, chickens, geese  and cattle as well as a few potential slaves.

 The ship's crew await the return of the raiding parties.

 The local lads looking defiant!

 The Vikings catch up with the Saxons on the road between the fort and the village.
 Some of the locals arriving at the fort along with some of the livestock.
 The Vikings now outnumber the last of the Saxons that have not yet made it back to the fort.
A fair number made it to the fort but most of the livestock had to abandoned to the Vikings. The casualties were about the same for both sides but this left the Vikings in command of the area and able to round up the stray animals and a couple of civilians in their own time. Once these were safely on the ship the Vikings were then free to ransack the village for anything worth taking before setting the place on fire.

All in all it was a very pleasant afternoons gaming . Thanks boys.

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Valiant Miniatures German MG42

Finished off a couple more Germans from Valiant. This time it is a couple of guys with a MG42.

Looking at these photos I can see that it is time for new spec's!!

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Valiant Germans.

After waiting all week I finally finished the basing on these chaps yesterday.

About a year ago I scored a sprue of these guys. Just the one sprue, a whole 17 figures! Anyway Gav has made and painted up a box of Germans as well so these guys will have some friends to help them out.
Very nice figures but a real shame that they are in a scale all of their own. This did make me realise that had I not sold my 1/300 WW2 Germans a couple of years ago, that I would now have WW2 Germans in 7 Scales!! I have a fair number of Germans in 15mm, a small bunch of Airfix Germans in HO scale, an army of metal guys in 25mm, some Warlord 28mm Germans ( with more to come) and some 54mm Guys!

The first bunch of Valiant guys done.....

I have also painted up a mortar team, 2 teams with MG42s and some command figs. Photos to come.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

More Medieval Madness

Finally finished off another unit of my Medieval army.  This time it is a unit of  billmen largely made up of Front Rank figures but with a few extras to swell the ranks from Games Workshop, I think.

Yet again half or so of these guys were painted many years ago. Now with their numbers increased hopefully that means that they might get to see some action.

Homemade flag again!

 Over this side of the world ANZAC Day is our Remembrance Day.

But this is for the rest of you

Monday, 21 October 2013

Jungle buildings in 28mm.

A while ago I was asked by a friend if I would make some jungle buildings in 28mm for Bolt Action games. After a bit of a look at the Airfix kit and a couple of blog posts at Craig's Wargaming Blog and Wargaming with Silver Whistle I began construction. Largely made from bamboo skewers and PVA glue.

With Conquest next weekend,  some of the Strategists are putting on a demo game of  Japanese against US Marines in an island hoping Bolt Action game.

I will have these two buildings on display on the islands somewhere.

 Removable roof to enable the placing of troops inside and a separate platform to allow for some variety.