Friday, 24 January 2014

Battle of Malakoff

I have posted a bunch of photos over on our group blog of the Battle of Malakoff that we fought on Wednesday night.

15mm using Volley and Bayonet rules.

Go and take a look!

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Valiant British Infantry

Painted up some of the Valiant British Infantry to kick off 2014.
 These guys came to me via a trip over the Alps and across the plains of Canterbury from Paul the Plastic Warrior  (Thanks again mate).
Due to Paul's kindness these guys brings my British force up to a total of 52 fig's. Add these to what Gav has painted and we have enough to play some Bolt Action games!

A few Brit's to add to the force.

Mortars should be handy.

Some of the commanders.

I have never been that keen on covering my freshly painted figures with an ink wash of some sort. I have been using a flesh wash on flesh and washes on armour etc for some time now but not over the whole fig. Somehow the first lot of these guys needed something so I decided to try the GW dark brown ink " Devlan mud". I am happy with the result, it seem to work well on these guys. However I am now due for another bottle and at the price for this stuff I decided to have a go at making my own. I followed Pat Smith's recipe, he of Wargaming with Silver Whistle fame.
What do you think.
Left hand fig is done with GW wash and the right hand one with mine.

Left hand one here is mine. My wash is a bit lighter than the GW wash but I think this gives me more control as I can always give them another coat.

Here the two left hand figs have my wash on them and the right hand dude has the GW wash.

Thought it was about time I pimped our groups blog.Southern Strategists If you haven't taken a look please pop over and have a quick look about. Not too much to read(most of the posts are from me) but a few photos from our games.

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Black Powder A.C.W.

Another game with some of the lads.

This time it was an American Civil War game. More or less equal sides with each player commanding a Brigade of infantry and a couple of guns.

Rules were Black Powder.

This was an opportunity for Brad and Clinton to try out the rules with their freshly painted ACW troops.

 Martin's Union boys awaiting orders to advance.
 Both sides were looking to capture both the hill and the farmstead.
This was the position at the kick off!

 Both sides ready to move off. Confederate above, Union below.

Rebels crossing the river on their way to taking the hill.

General Brad's Texans! With no flag to encourage them forward they refused to advance any further.

General Clinton's boys lining the fence.

The Union won the race to the farm and soon occupied the area.

The hill remained in question as both sides chose to stand back and try and weaken the other with mostly small arms fire before charging over the top.

Another look at Brad's Texans. (They did look very nice)

From the Union side.

Bringing up the big fellas behind the hill.

Mr Lee directing things from the middle of a ford!

The Rebel centre.

The Rebel yell went up as the Confederates surged forward to attack the farm.

Shortly afterwards they surged straight back and right off the table! Leaving a great big hole in the Rebel lines. This was to leave the Reb's having to withdraw to fight another day.

Union troops celebrating their win over the Confederates.
 Big thanks to Martin for acting as umpire for the game.