Monday, 18 July 2016

Capture that gun.

Had another crack at Smooth and Rifled the other night with our 54mm guys.

We are slowly getting the hang of these rules. Here are a few photos of our latest skirmishs.
We played the game twice with each side having a chance to defend the gun.

 The Reb's formed up behind the fence line in support of the gun.
 The Union split up into three groups. Two groups came around one flank while the Iron Brigade went round the other flank.

 The Iron Brigade charged into the woods before the Confederates had time to react. The Confederates reeled back, out of the woods.
 The gun got off one round of canister but by the time it had reloaded the Union were among the crew.
 The remaining Rebels take flight and abandon the gun.

Part 2.
 Then more Confederates, including a cavalry patrol arrive on the scene. Again the attackers split up but the speed of the cavalry was the key this time.
While the Union are busy forming a defence the cavalry crash into them and manage to recapture the gun.The Union infantry fought well and did manage to empty most of the saddles.

The figures are from various manufactures.

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Thomas Stonewall Jackson

When the group decided to have an ACW battle a few weeks back, I thought  it would be a good idea to maybe finish off a couple Generals that had been siting quietly on the painting desk for far too long.

Although Jackson had been finished for some time, the other figures on his base were only half done.

The other command stands will be used as Brigade commanders or Divisional commanders.

Jackson and his aids.

Flag is from GMB
 Lt. Gen. Jackson is a Foundry figure and the other two are plastic Perry figures.

 The foot figure is a left over from the Old Glory hospital set that I painted a while ago.
The mounted figure is the Perry's General Lee figure with a head swap. I felt that having two of General lee would be a bit much!

Confederate General from the Perry boys.

This guy is also a Perry Confederate General.

Sunday, 3 July 2016

The Attack of the Austrians.

Set during the SYW with the Prussians defending a vital crossroads and a town.

The Austrians lunched an attack straight at the Prussians but also a flanking attack on the Prussian left.

The Prussians had set up some defensive works in front of the Austrian army making it difficult to attack them frontally. The Austrians therefore moved a large part of their force to the Prussian left and some of their cavalry to the Prussian right flank.

Slowly the more numerous Austrian army pushed in the Prussians until they broke and fled.

With the Austrians almost surrounding the town the Prussian army had no choice but to abandon their hold on the town and give it up to the Austrians.

Austrian flank attack going in.

Some of the frontal attack force.

The town and crossroads to the front of the Austrian army.

Prussian defense.

The Prussians being attacked on three sides.

The flank attack hitting the Prussian left.

A counterattack about to happen.

The Austrians are slowing pushing the Prussians back.

Austrian cavalry charges on the Prussian right.

At the end of the game the Prussian still held the town but we decided that it was only a matter of time until the Austrians would take that too.

15mm scale using Volley and Bayonet rules.