Monday, 18 July 2016

Capture that gun.

Had another crack at Smooth and Rifled the other night with our 54mm guys.

We are slowly getting the hang of these rules. Here are a few photos of our latest skirmishs.
We played the game twice with each side having a chance to defend the gun.

 The Reb's formed up behind the fence line in support of the gun.
 The Union split up into three groups. Two groups came around one flank while the Iron Brigade went round the other flank.

 The Iron Brigade charged into the woods before the Confederates had time to react. The Confederates reeled back, out of the woods.
 The gun got off one round of canister but by the time it had reloaded the Union were among the crew.
 The remaining Rebels take flight and abandon the gun.

Part 2.
 Then more Confederates, including a cavalry patrol arrive on the scene. Again the attackers split up but the speed of the cavalry was the key this time.
While the Union are busy forming a defence the cavalry crash into them and manage to recapture the gun.The Union infantry fought well and did manage to empty most of the saddles.

The figures are from various manufactures.


  1. Great looking game Rodger. I like seeing the 54s hit the gaming table.

  2. Superb Rodger, I love seeing these larger miniatures in action.

  3. Hi.
    Fine work and theme.
    Like many westerns, cavalry resolves / finalize

  4. Lovely to see the large scale figures in action. Sharp Practice would work well for this scale. I played a cracking good ACW game using these rules last weekend.
    Cheers, Michael

  5. Never played with 54mm figures, it looks awesome!

  6. Big is beautiful. They look superb Roger.

  7. 54 is amazing scale. However you need a hell a lot of space to game it. Your stuff is absolutely amazing!

  8. It would be interesting to try this rule-set for colonial NZ Wars - they do a supplement for this period:

  9. Looks like you had a great time!

  10. Great looking game :)
    Must take a look at S&R again...

  11. Great looking games! Never heard of the ruleset before, seems like it's worth a closer look

  12. Great pics Rodg. I'm really enjoying these games and the figures are great to paint and game with. Looking forward to getting that new coloured regt of mine into action to 'see the elephant' I'm thinking I might paint some Boer War figs next. If I paint Brits can I tempt you to paint some Boers...just like Rebs but with Mausers :-)

    1. For you my friend, I guess I could paint a couple.

  13. Great job in 54mm Rodger!!!