Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Lion Rampant

A bit slow at getting this one up. It was a Lion Rampant game we played a while ago on Friday night.

 Two army groups against two. One on each side of the river and both sides looking to control the town.

 Archers on both sides open up at the start, doing what they do best.
 Then some mounted troops arrive.
 The clashes between the foot troops ended up with one command on each side taking the worst of it.
 Stone walls and hedges are good to hide behind.

 It became a case of crossing the river and cleaning up.
 These mounted Knights soon got rid of these guys.
In the end the honers were pretty even !

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Siege of Savannah.

Our last Friday night game was a 15mm AWI game based on the siege of Savannah.

 The French were in the centre and on the right flank.
 The French launch their attacks at the British held town while a ship starts blasting away in support.
 Brit's and loyalists defend the earthworks around the town of Savannah.
 The Americans waited in the distance for the French to do the hard work before they joined in.

Savannah river and town.

Navel guns pounding the town.

Another French attack builds in the fields.

 The French attacked the earthworks several times. A couple of times they did manage to get troops over the earthworks but each time the British countered and through them back.
 After numerous charges the French army was reduced to ruins. The British too were severely weakened and the Americans decided it was time to finish this thing.

They charged into the British right flank and forced their way over the earthworks and into the town. Slowly the British and their loyalist friends were forced further and further into Savannah. With the French no longer a threat the British were able to beef up their right and force out the Americans to keep Savannah in British hands.

Figures, buildings and terrain from Adrian's collections.

Rules were Volley and Bayonet.

Sunday, 27 November 2016

The Vikings are raiding again.

The other Friday night we got together for a little Viking raid.

The raiders disembarked along the coast and proceeded inland through the surrounding forest.

There were a number of Saxon woodsmen in the forest but all but one of them either ran off and hid or just plain didn't see  the several groups of angry Vikings looking for trouble.

Vikings making their way through the forest.

 Only one of the woodsmen decided to run towards the village and warn the locals of the raid.
 One of the Viking groups took a wrong turn and ended up in a swamp.
 With very little warning the Saxons did not have enough time to get their livestock away.
 The Saxons were caught in their homes but quickly poured out to meet the threat.
 The Saxons were seriously outnumbered and it wasn't long before they were being overrun.
 Finally the group of Vikings found their way out of the swamp and into the town to claim some of the spoils.

 What the Vikings didn't know was that this day was also "Tax Day" and that wagon in the middle of the road was worth more than all the rest of the available plunder.
The King's men fought well and managed to get away with the taxes collected. In this case a barrel of beer!

The Saxons lost their village and live stock but they did help to get the tax collector away safely.

The Saxons were later rewarded by their King.

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Viking Longhouse

I had been wanting to make a Viking Longhouse for a far while now. Last month I finally made a start.

Once I had begun I found that the enthusiasm took over. In the end it took me just over  a week to make and paint.

Made from balsa wood sticks carved to shape and then glued over a MDF former. The roof is from a hairy material used by plumbers to lag hot water pipes.

Vikings ready to defend their longhouse.

Sunday, 13 November 2016

ECW Green coat Regiment.

Slowly getting back into some ECW gaming. This is a green regiment that I am adding to my Royalist army.
Painted a while ago but only finished off the basing over the weekend.

The figures are all Renegade and the flags are from GMB.

Sunday, 23 October 2016

La Belle Alliance

I have been out of the game for the past couple of weeks due to illness, no blogging, no painting! In fact not very much of anything, but now I am back.

I scored this resin model of La Belle Alliance a few weeks back at the local swap meet.

After a bit of cleaning up, a quick paint job and a bit of basing and we are good to go.

Painted and based within a week but I hadn't taken the photos so it had to wait until I was feeling better.

Now to go and start catching up on the blogs.