Sunday, 27 November 2016

The Vikings are raiding again.

The other Friday night we got together for a little Viking raid.

The raiders disembarked along the coast and proceeded inland through the surrounding forest.

There were a number of Saxon woodsmen in the forest but all but one of them either ran off and hid or just plain didn't see  the several groups of angry Vikings looking for trouble.

Vikings making their way through the forest.

 Only one of the woodsmen decided to run towards the village and warn the locals of the raid.
 One of the Viking groups took a wrong turn and ended up in a swamp.
 With very little warning the Saxons did not have enough time to get their livestock away.
 The Saxons were caught in their homes but quickly poured out to meet the threat.
 The Saxons were seriously outnumbered and it wasn't long before they were being overrun.
 Finally the group of Vikings found their way out of the swamp and into the town to claim some of the spoils.

 What the Vikings didn't know was that this day was also "Tax Day" and that wagon in the middle of the road was worth more than all the rest of the available plunder.
The King's men fought well and managed to get away with the taxes collected. In this case a barrel of beer!

The Saxons lost their village and live stock but they did help to get the tax collector away safely.

The Saxons were later rewarded by their King.


  1. Vikings, Vikings, tireless Vikings...for our pleasure! A nice report, I raise my mug of beer in honor of the Saxons ... and of their poultry ...

  2. Great report and some excellent looking figures and scenery

  3. Lovely layout and great looking game!

  4. Greate AAR and good looking table!

  5. Oh sweet Odin! What a great looking minis and terrain!

  6. Oh those Vikings are always causing trouble!! Great looking game.

  7. That's awesome. Fantastic looking table. Cheers

  8. Great game and great looking terrain!

  9. Skilled work, and this is all neat order
    I like these (all) old theme.
    The monk brings big mead barrel, so cheers!

    Although now, in modern times mead are done water, lemons, brown sugar and raisins who looks like when it's mature, and rises up

  10. Great! Love the old rooster on the chopping block whispering to his flock to "be quiet and don't move a muscle, and we might escape the crock pot today."