Sunday, 2 August 2015

Ducks from Anne and more Lion Rampant

When I made the castle for our Lion Rampant games back at the start of the year I wanted to have some ducks swimming along in the moat. I didn't get around to doing that. However, then I won another blog giveaway, this time from Anne at O'Leary Miniatures.
Anne very kindly gave me $20 to spend at Warbases .  A quick look on their website and I was ordering the ducks. To finish off the order I also ordered a wagon and some 25mm bases.

 The ducks painted up and happily checking out the castle walls.

My thanks to Anne and to Warbases.
 Fantastic service from Warbases, they have a great range of MDF kits and as you might think they do a large number of different bases too.
28mm wagon that will be used in many games I think.
 Have a look at Anne's blog (if you have not been there before), she is a very talented lady, apart from her wonderful figure painting she also plays the drums and is rather fond of a bit of photography.

Warbases is also well worth a visit. Great range of figures, kits and bases and excellent service.


 We had another crack at Lion Rampant last Friday night. Smallish forces attempting to take control of an area containing a number of small farms.

 The main reason for this game was to introduce Phil to the rules.

 On the whole the game went relatively evenly with both sides losing units until Prince Philip squared off against Geoffrey, Duke of Avonhead. Their units clashed and when the Prince ended up being the last man standing the Duke's army fled the field.
Prince Philip standing alone and victorious.
Another enjoyable game with the lads.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

The Battle of Montgomery 1644

A refight of the Battle of Montgomery was held the other day at the Grumpy Shed.

The rules were Pike and Shotte.

 The Parliamentarians set themselves up to defend Salt Bridge and hold off the Royalists until their cavalry returned from foraging.
 The Royalists tried to lunch themselves at the Parliamentary lines as quickly as possible but the manoeuvre rolls didn't quite go that way.
 Not a lot of movement on the Royalist right flank.

 Royalist dragoons seemed to be rather content to remain behind the hedges.

 A couple of Parliaments cavalry units, that didn't go off to forage, had a crack at upsetting the Royalist plans.
Royalists grind their way toward the Parliamentarians

Dragoons still unwilling to get into the fight.

 The Royalist left wing attack the Parliamentarians at Salt Bridge. A breakthrough here would make life very hard for the Parliamentarians.
 The foraging party returns and attacks the Royalists right flank.
In the centre, the Royalists struggle to make progress.

King Charles, probably asking why Prince Rupert's troops appear to be helping Parliament!

These guys really like this hedge!

Still the troops around the bridge hold their ground.

The Royalist right is just able to hold on.

 In the centre the Royalists begin to break up. Once the rot sets in it is not long before Royalist troops start to leave the battle. The outnumbered Parliamentarians hold on for the victory!

Thanks to Tim for supplying most of the troops, hosting the game and for the refreshments.

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Dismounted Knights

Made up and painted these Perry's Dismounted Knights over the past couple of weeks.

Keeping things simple, 6 have red clothing and 6 have blue, making two units for lion Rampant.

The red knights

The blue knights.

Training for their big day on the battlefield.
 I had a bunch of these arrows floating around on the paint table. I figured they would be useful for something, just had to figure out what.
So I painted them up and based them.

I am using them as battered markers for Lion Rampant.

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Harpers Ferry to Sharpsburg and Valley Forge.

While staying at Gettysburg we hired a car and drove around the beautiful country side of Pennsylvania, Maryland and West Virginia.

West Virginia on the far side at Harpers Ferry.
The Potomac River

The Potomac again.

The Battlefield around Sharpsburg
The Dunker Church.
 After stopping in at the visitors centre we drove around the battlefield.

Near the sunken road.

 No trip to the Sharpsburg battlefield would be complete without seeing the famous bridge over Antietam creek known as Burnside's Bridge.
 Very warm and peaceful the day we were there and hard to believe that once this was the scene of some bitter fighting.

I also had plans to visit the Brandywine Battlefield but it was closed for some sort of repair work so instead I hopped on a bus and went out to Valley Forge.

 I spent several hours wandering around taking photos.

This guy was busy explaining about the huts to some visitors.

The artillery park.

A huge monument in the middle of the park.

So that is about it until my next trip over to that side of the world.