Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Been doing a bit of terrain work.

It's been a very long time since my last post but I thought  would try and resurrect things here.

Having been confined to barracks for most the past week I have been able to spend some time on these buildings. Unfortunately they are not mine but I have really enjoyed painting them up.

3D printed buildings seem to be a very good wat to go these days.

I am including some photos of another 3d printed project. This Gear factory was painted last year, I think.

Now that I have a bit more time on my hands I will try and post a bit more.

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Zulu attack

Recently we had a game of TMWWBK using our Zulu wars figures. This was just a trial game for the Southern Strategists game that was played just a few days later.

Zulus attacking the British, much like Rorke's Drift.

For the real game take the link here

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Capture the women.

Recently we played a game set in the Dark ages.

Rival claimants to the local throne met in battle with their followers beside them. The battle, to a large degree, ended when one of the claimants was killed. However this was not the end. What was really needed now was the dead claimants daughter. Capture her and marry her off to one of your sons, that would really give you the strength to rule.

So the scene was set. The wife and daughter of the defeated Jarl along with their supporters were now on the run back through friendly territory while the victors chase after them. If they can capture the daughter before she can escape over the river there would be a good chance of unifying the whole area under one Jarl.

Between the battlefield and the river were a number of small  farm holdings loyal to the defeated Jarl. These guys would help the women if the chase came close enough to them.

The wife and daughter with their followers heading for safety....

...with the new rulers in pursuit.

Some of the locals who are prepared to fight for their now dead Jarl.

The women were having trouble keeping up in the run. Most of their followers had to turn and face their enemy again, and try and hold up the pursuers for a while

A small flanking force had raced away ahead and was now appearing on the left flank.

The flank force tries to cut of the women but another local group have different ideas.

Almost there. The women are almost on their own now with most of their followers fighting to give them a chance to escape. But the river is in sight.
The chasing group have been held up.....

....and the flanking group are about to be intercepted.

The women got away. Maybe they can rally some support and then have a go at restoring things to they way they were.

28mm, Modified Lord of the rings rules.

Sunday, 4 June 2017

The Boers stop the train.

A couple of Fridays ago we had a bit of a bash involving a train, the British army and some Boer raiders.

The Boers had blown the railway tracks north of the railway station. Knowing that the train would be well defended by the British the Boers hid in the rocks and scrub and waited.

When the train arrived they opened fire and were soon caught up in a fire fight with the troops on the train.

The Boers then found that they had insufficient  explosives to blow the other end of the tracks to trap the train. A few bits and pieces were tossed onto the tracks to hold the train up for a while.  Mounted troops were sent away to find more explosives and race back before the British army could come to the trains aid.

The train is under attack from the Boers on both sides.

More Boers prepare to hold off the advancing British.

British cavalry moving around to out flank the Boer position.

The British army arrive but the extra explosives are nowhere to be seen.

Minor damage to the tracks, near the station, prevents the train from leaving the area but it can still move up and down the line, from the station to the destroy piece of track, firing on the Boers and playing hard to get!

Finally the explosives arrive but the Boers are under a lot of pressure from the British.

Too much pressure in fact. The Boers that are carrying the extra explosives are routed before the charges can be laid.

The Boers are forced to give ground and now concentrate their efforts on the train it's self, hoping to capture it's contents before the British get too close.

With time running out the Boers try to overcome the trains defenders.

The British have taken the railway station and desperately try to fix the lines before the Boers gain control of the train.

The British just manage to get the railway lines repaired before the Boers take the train. With the track repaired the train steams away from the remaining Boers to the safety of the British lines.

Thanks to Adrian for another entertaining game.

Sunday, 30 April 2017

Warlord Games Kriegsmarine

These guys were a Christmas present that have finally been across the painting table.

Something a bit different for me but I thought the figures looked pretty cool and so I just had to get them.

Just goes to show that you never know what might be wandering down a quiet country road!

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Chain of Command trial game.

Our last Friday night game was a trial game of the Chain of Command rules.

In the end we spent most of the night re reading the rules, but it was still a good game.

A group of British Para's  are wanting to take control of an important crossroads. However a group of German SS are also heading for the same objective.
The Battlefield

and again from a different angle.

 A section of Paras move off from their jump off point and head down the left flank.
 But they are being watched by some Germans.
 Another section makes for the crossroads.
 While another group are off to the pub.

 The middle section eyes up the crossroads and prepares to advance on to the objective.
 More Paras move into the buildings to secure the flank.
 At this point the Germans appear and
 with all those MG's, pour a lot of fire into the Paras. Their loses are severe and they withdraw to the other side of the hedges to recover.
 The British mortars send in some smoke to hide their retreat but it doesn't land in the right place. Landing just off to the left allowing another German section to deploy, on the road.
The German section uses the smoke to hide their advance on the Paras left flank.

But it is now getting late so we had to end the game there. All in all a fun game with a lot of the finer points sorted. A re read of the rules over the next day or so also helped to point out where we had been going wrong.  Roll on the next game.

The figures are 20mm from Geoff's collection.