Monday, 21 April 2014

Southern Strategists demo game

Over the Easter break the Southern Strategists ran a demo game at the New Zealand Nationals.

The battle of Polotsk 1812.

A full report here 

plus photos from some of the other games on during the weekend.

A great way to spend a few days.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

WW2 Jungle Village

Finally finished off the remaining buildings of the Jungle village for a fellow gamer.

I added an "L" shaped building for something a bit different. It has a courtyard within the the L that was made big enough to accommodate an  HMG or the likes of several command figures.

The other addition is a rectangular building with a walkway along either side of the long sides .

To finish off there is a lookout tower. Again this was made with an area big enough to take more than one figure.

 The "L" shaped building.

 All doors open and shut, roofs are removable and the buildings can be raised or on ground level.

The last of the buildings.
...and another view of the last one.

 The tower has a rope ladder that leads to a trap door in the floor. The roof comes off too. The area at the top is large enough to place about four figures on 25mm bases.

I think they would all benefit from a bit of weathering. I believe the new owner is planning on putting them on their own individual bases. Perhaps then would be the time.



Sunday, 6 April 2014

Zombie game

Rushed home from work on Friday night and headed out from a Zombie game. Returned home within 10 minutes to grab the camera that I had forgotten and arrived 20 minutes late only to find that others had forgotten the painted Zombies! At this point I had decided to not bother with photos but as the shopping centre looked so good I did take a few in the end.

With all the unpainted figures it's a bit hard to work out who is who , but basically there were half a dozen humans that went into the shopping centre to find some food.
Shopping centre and carpark.
 Having fought off a few zombies in the carpark the humans entered the mall and began to search through the left hand side shops.
One of Brad's Zombie dogs.

Zombies entering the shopping centre ground floor down an escalator.

Food court area.

 We found some food and a bit more ammo in the bank and cafe. In the bank we also found a young girl holding a pistol. Turned out she was a pretty good shot too!
 By the time we were in the food court we were getting overwhelmed. Almost out of ammo and having lost four of our guys. It was time to run. The rest of us managed  to escape back through some holes in the walls then through a door at the back of the bank, then out into the carpark and away. Two of the original six humans and the wee girl made to safety.
Apart from the two dogs these were the only other painted fig's in the game.
Over at the Southern Strategists blog is a bunch of photos from our recent Dark Age game.

Sunday, 30 March 2014

More Warlord Germans

This is the rest of the German figures from the Normandy Box set from Warlord Games.

 The last three figures are the commander and his two sidekicks.

The complete set.
For the first squad I gave one of the soldiers a panzerfaust. Later I thought about this a bit more and decided  to make separate markers to show if a squad was carrying panzerfausts or not. Unfortunately I only had two panzerfausts left so to make the markers look a bit better I made up some crates to place the panzerfausts on.

Red team
Yellow team

Sniper team

White team

No more Germans for a while now.........promise!!

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Bolt Action Germans

At last I have based up some more of the Warlord Games WW2 German troops. Painting was finished a few weeks ago , I am just a bit slow at getting round to doing the bases.

White Squad.
 I decided to use flowers on the bases to identify the different squads. In a couple of the games I have been at there was some confusion at times about which figures were part of which squad.
White Squad's MG team.

NCO for White Squad.

Red Squad.

Red Squad's NCO.

Red Squad's MG team

The first squad has yellow flowers ( see February's posts).

Although these squads are only 5 fig's strong I intend to get another box and beef up all the squads.

 The Normandy Box Set only has 20 Germans, so I have gone for three squads of 5 fig's, a two man Sniper team and a three man Command group.

Saturday, 1 March 2014

FIW game.

Last night some of the lads got together for a game set during the French and Indian war.

Two units of rangers, Rogers Rangers and Gorham's Rangers were charged with escorting a young lady through hostile territory. In other words get her from one side of the table to the other with out her being captured by the French or the Indians.

French Militia crossing the river.

Major Robert Rogers

Rangers scouting both sides of the river.

Indians taking up ambush positions along the road.

Commander of the French.
The rangers got to almost half way across the table when the battle become a big shooting match and with the honours being split the Indians and the French started to pull back first. Unfortunately time was just about up so the game was called a draw.