Sunday, 19 June 2016

Don't panic, don't panic!

Just a few photos of a recent Friday night game.

It involved the Home Guard, the local police force, the crew from a shot down German bomber, a highly trained unit of German Para's and a very unhappy German General.

I can't reveal too much as we intend to do this game again with the Southern Strategists.
However it was a very close and enjoyable game that came right down to the very last turn and in fact the very last shot of the game.

Finished painting the Verger, from the Dad's Army, set in time for the game.

Hodges on the lookout.

All quiet, for now.

The plane crew head for cover.

Home Guard on the move

The Germans in ambush.

The police want in on the action.

I think there is something in the rules about using cows as cover.

Some of the Para's trying to get to safety.

A shoot out going here.

The lovely Para's are from Brad's collection and the police and some civilians are from Geoff's collection.

Monday, 6 June 2016

Crashed Dornier and it's crew

To go with the Home Guard guys, I have painted up the Foundry "German Aircrew" set.
My aircrew needed an aircraft to go with them and I decided that I needed something like a crashed bomber.

As it turned out one of my work mates was able to help.

This old bomber started  life about 30 odd years ago when it was built by a young 10 or 11 year old Craig. It lived, for a period of time in the bottom draw of a set of drawers, along with a number of other model planes that Craig had made as a youngster. His parents house was ransacked by burglars and the planes were all damaged to some degree. Craig rebuilt them and kept them, eventually, when he had a place of his own he hung them from the roof in his garage. Next the 7.1 earthquake in 2010 struck and the poor old Dornier along with the rest of the model planes came crashing down. Some of them Craig has rebuilt, again, but this one was a bit far gone. Not for me however, being perfect for the job I had in mind.

 All the undercarriage parts were broken off and lost.........suited me.
 A few other bits and bobs missing but again, all good by me. Apart from that what you see is all Craig's work. All I have done is base the model.
 I added some mesh to the front to make it look like the crew had clambered out of their wreck through the broken nose gunner's area.  One of the crew members looks to have grabbed the machine gun on the way out too.

 The Foundry crew looking for cover before Dad's Army turn up on the scene.

 There is a fairly big difference in scale between plane and crew but I am not too concerned.

 I think Hodges is trying to tell Mainwaring something. "Look Napoleon they are right there"
Spotted from the air, it will not be long now till the Home Guard are on to them.

Thanks Craig for providing (and making) this essential part for my game.

Sunday, 29 May 2016

Dad's Army

Warlord Games figures this time.

Painted up the boys from Walmington on Sea recently to add to the already painted Home Guard figures.

The crew, at this stage. I still have the figures of them out of uniform to paint.

Captain George Mainwaring  and William Hodges the ARP Warden.

Private Godfrey with his First Aid bag. Private Pike  and Sergeant Wilson.

Lance Corporal Jones ready with the cold steel.

Privates Walker and Frazer

Mainwaring and the Vicar discussing the use of the church hall.
Just need some German Para's to drop from the sky or a Kriegsmarine Squad to invade from the sea and we will see just how good they really are!

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Zombies, Part 2

Our survivors along with their new found friends came across an abandoned farm house a mile or two up the road from the camp site in part one. The farm house provided somewhere to stay for a while. However their supplies are running low and it is now time to venture out again.

Another mile or so down the road they come to a small town and more zombies.

The town of Colesburg.
 Heading into town the survivors  begin to search for the necessities of life, food, water and ammo.
 It does not take long for the zombie hoard to appear.
 We searched the wrecked cars and abandoned houses for anything useful.
 Close to the outskirts of the town we noticed a lot of action around a bus, not moving and in the middle of the road.
 Clearly there were more survivors in the bus.  But could we help, should we help.
 We had split up our group to cover more ground quickly and planned on meeting up again before leaving the area.
 The people in the bus could see us and they decided to fight their way out and try and reach us. It seemed that at that point in time dozens more zombies appeared and they all headed towards the bus.
 In the end we felt we had to at least try and help them, so down the road we went.
 After all the hard work of zombie bashing it was time to get out of town.

 Most of us got away from the bus area only to run into even more zombies.
 By now we had learnt that one of the new survivors was a pilot. Apparently there is an airport not too far from here.
 Fighting our way past these last zombies we headed for the airport...................

A drone operated by a newspaper reporter was seen buzzing about taking photos for a news report.

Well it is not all over yet.  We plan to play out the next part in a couple of weeks.

Thanks again to Bradley for all his hard work in running this game. Thanks also to Clinton for supplying some of the photos and Nathan at Natholeon's Empires for painting most if not all of the figures.