Sunday, 26 October 2014

Medieval Fortified Farm

Over the past few weeks I have been busy working away on this wee project. Finally finished the flocking etc yesterday.

The Medieval Fortified Farm from Hudson & Allen.

 Unfortunately this belongs to someone else so I guess I have to give it back now.

 Made some gates for the main entrance. It didn't look right without them.

 Removable roof piece on the stable. A bit of hay for the farmer to move around.
 The roof and top story of the main house is also removable.

Wouldn't mind this for myself. Great model and a pleasure to paint. Might have to give the Lion Rampant rules a try soon so that we can give this farm some action.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Friday Night Fighting

Met up with a couple of the lads for a wee WW2 bash.

Early war Germans attacking the French.

The rules were slightly modified Rapid Fire.

German aircraft surveying the advancing French.
The French quickly advanced to take up positions in the towns with the plan of holding the Germans on the other side of the river for as long as possible.

 The French made good use of the local countryside. Hedge rows and tree lines being put to use as cover for the artillery and antitank guns.

 The German main force headed towards the bridge while a secondary force crossed the river at a ford further down steam.

 The German force at the ford came under intense fire from the French in the nearby town and the artillery in the trees with heavy loses inflicted on the German armour and artillery.
 The main German attack was able to cross the bridge almost unhindered.
 With tanks leading the charge the Germans headed for the town to their front.

French infantry lurking in a wood near the bridge.

 With the German force at the ford forced to go to ground the French reserves attacked the main German force.
 The Germans were forced to divert their tanks to hold off the French reserves while the panzer-grenadiers headed for the town.
 The tank battle in the centre resulted in the Germans destroying the French armour to the point that the French had no choice but to bug out leaving the the field, and the towns to the Germans.
The remainder of the German secondary force sheltering amongst some rough ground after suffering heavy casualties from the French.
Another great nights gaming.

Thanks again to Adrian for supplying the troops and buildings.

Monday, 22 September 2014

X Wing games

Just for something different I allowed myself to be taken into the future for a night.

I would love to give a full account of the games played but as I haven't a clue about the various crafts involved, nor for that matter, anything else to do with "space wars" I will just post the pic's I managed to take and leave it at that.

The boys kept talking about a death star and some Millennium Falcon thingy, a Darth Vader chap and a bunch of rebels. Might as well have been talking a foreign language as far as I was concerned!

We played three games and I managed to get thrashed in all three! Nevertheless a very enjoyable evening.

Clinton had a heap of very cool looking spacecraft but we only used these ones below. I think he keep it simple for the dumb one (me)!


Thanks to Clinton for doing the hard work and making it a great night.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Gripping Beast Dark Age bowmen.

Having a lack of Levy type troops for our Saga games and our other Dark Age games I was keen to add to their number. I gained a box of Gripping Beast's Dark Age warriors a while ago and this box  set provided the figures I needed.

Left over from my slow moving Medieval project were a number of arms from the Perry's (Bows and Bills) box set. I have more than enough archers for my Medieval army .

With the help of a sharp knife and some glue I began adding the Perry Medieval archer arms to the Gripping Beast Dark Age warrior bodies.

The only real draw back is that my Dark Age archers are now armed with "long bows". Didn't even occur to me until I had finished the painting!

I have only made 12 figures as archers at this stage. I plan to do another 12 as slingers, straight from the box at some latter time. Can't rush these things!

Dark Age longbows!

Sunday, 31 August 2014

7YW in 15mm

Got together with a group of guys the other night for a game of Volley and Bayonet.

7YW,  Prussians V Austrians with the objectives being a combination of capturing town sectors and destroying enemy Divisions.

Numbers were on the side of the Austrians and the Prussians, they had quality.

Austrians setting up.

The Prussian set up.

 Both sides advanced towards each other until the Austrian cavalry saw a chance to break the Prussian line early in the battle. The Prussian cavalry reacted quickly and counter charged. The resulting melee saw casualties mount on both sides with neither side getting the upper hand.
 On the opposite flank the Prussian cavalry got in the first charge with slightly greater numbers. Again there was no clear winner. The cavalry from both sides charged numerous times until the Prussians forced the Austrian cavalry to withdraw.

 By now the Austrians were reluctant to advance further and were happy to hold the ground they had gained.
 The Prussians saw this as a chance to push the issue and advanced on the Austrian centre.
Disordered Austrian cavalry falling back and trying to hold on to the village.

 The Prussians seemed to have their right flank under control. The cavalry had gained the upper hand and now the right flank infantry Division started to put pressure on the town to their front.

Austrian cavalry trying to keep out of trouble.

A well defended town sector under Austrian control.

 The Prussian attack in the centre had limited success with most of the Brigades being forced back. A second attack had more success and a few gaps began to appear in the Austrian line.
. The Austrian right flank was slowly thinning the Prussian lines. The Prussian cavalry had by now done it's dash on this side of the battle and, now with gaps appearing in the Prussian line the Austrians were in a position to advance.

Over on the other side the Prussian attacks on the town were largely unsuccessful but the Austrians here were in no shape to do anything other than to defend the town they still held.

The cavalry on both sides was now a spent force. Casualties were mounting in the infantry divisions too. There was now a gap in the Prussian lines on their left flank and as the Austrians advanced, at this critical moment,  their Corp commander was killed and had to be replaced. The replacement CO advanced on the gap hoping to gain the now undefended town on this side of the battle. But it was all too late. Nightfall had arrived and there would not be anymore fighting on this field today.

In the end it was a marginal victory to the Austrians. 

An enjoyable game and great way to spend an evening.
Thanks guys. Thanks to Adrian for providing almost everything.