Sunday, 23 November 2014

British rear guard action.

Friday night saw us play a Rear Guard game using our 28mm Napoleonics.

Nothing too special in the setup, French attacking and outnumbering the Brit's 2:1 and
the British controlling a pass through the hills.

 The British setup most of their troops on the reverse slope ( and therefore did not have to place them on the table) and waited for the French to reach the ridge.
 The French army preparing to advance towards the British held ridge.
 One regiment of infantry and two batteries of guns was all the French could see.
 French light and medium cavalry advanced along one flank while....
 .....their heavy cavalry advanced along the other.
 As the French army approached the ridge more of the British army came into view.
 The French left flank prepare to take this end of the ridge.
 On the French right flank their cavalry charge into the British cavalry. Eventually the British heavy cavalry will hold off the French horse on this flank. On the other flank however the French faced little opposition.
Needless to say the one infantry regiment and single gun battery didn't last long and soon there was French cavalry in the rear of the British.

 The British rear guard had slowed the French advance just enough and could now slip away as the darkness of the night began to set in.

Apologies for the photo quality.
Very enjoyable game with good friends.