Monday, 30 September 2013

Just a bunch of cowboys!

Picked up these guys at a swap meet a few years back. Re found them earlier this year when I was painting up ACW figures for the Gettysburg game.

All Dixon's I think, but I could be wrong. Very nice figures to paint up and again something a wee bit different for me to muck around with. This is half of what I have at present so I might have to get some more at some stage.

Thanks for taking the time to take a wee look.

Saturday, 7 September 2013

More Medieval Archers

My second unit of archers.

This time they are almost all from Front Rank. Totally fictitious again with another made up flag too.  Some of these chaps were painted about twelve or thirteen years ago, the rest have been painted in the last few days.

The bases are 50mm X 50mm again too.

I wonder where we would be if not for such a great man.

Donald F. Featherstone (20 March 1918 – 3 September 2013)