Friday, 29 March 2013

Barksdale's Mississippians

I have been away for the past couple of weeks and been unable to comment on so many of your posts. I have been reading most of them though and will start catching up with as many as I can.

For now here are some photos of the latest batch of Rebels for our Gettysburg game. These guys will be part of Brig -Gen William Barksdale's Brigade made up of four Mississippi regiments. Those being the 13th, the 17th, the 18th and the 21st .  I still have another three stands to paint up for this brigade and they are on the painting table now! 

 The next bunch of photos are of the rest of my Rebels. I have another 11 stands painted but waiting to be based and another 11 stands that I have just started painting.



Happy Easter everyone!!!!