Monday, 29 August 2011

Dark Age Takeaways.

Not exactly a “drive through” more like a “Sail by”. I have recently finished repainting some animals for my Dark Age games, and any other period for that matter. These figures are 1/64 scale, hard rubber and come ready painted. The paint work is okay for toys but I thought they needed a bit of touch up for wargames. A quick re paint and we were away. Inspired by Paul   and captain arjun I have also knocked up a pig pen mainly from Balsa wood on a MDF base.
Some monks and some peasants from Gripping Beast have also been added to give the Vikings something else to chase.
Thanks to Ray I now have some very nice flags flying from my Viking Longship’s masts.

Some of the cattle.
The Pig pen

The pig pen with pigs removed.
Sheep being attacked by Berserkers.

Peasant with some geese.

Farm yard under attack.

Couple of farm workers.

Monks on a mission.

One of Ray's flags.

Another of Ray's flags

and a third.


Friday, 19 August 2011

Artillery Girls

These lovely young ladies are from Eureka. Again I picked them up a few years ago when in Melbourne. I have used them in one A.W.I. game but most of the time they are in a box with the rest of my guys. I think they are made for 7.Y.W. Something a bit different for a change.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Viking battle report

At last the battle report of the Viking raid game has been posted. Read all about it on the Southern Strategists blog

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Ragged Continentals

About six years ago while on holiday in Melbourne Australia I visited Eureka Miniatures.  Didn’t really plan on buying any figures, just a look around the shop and take a few photos of their painted troops. However, after seeing their “Ragged Continentals” I was hooked.  Nic showed me the very nice range of figures and I decided that I needed to add another unit to my Continental Army. I think I managed to get at least one of every figure in the range. I also picked up a unit of the “Marblehead guys”( I will post photos of these guys another time). Both units are very nice sculpts that are well proportioned and a pleasure to paint. The flags are again from GMB Designs.
Flags and drum. Note the soldier drinking from his canteen on the right.
Holding the end of the line.

Close up of some of the men.

and some more.

The complete unit.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Highland Laddies.

A few photos of my Napoleonic Highlanders. The 79th Cameron Highlanders and the 92nd Gordon Highlanders. Figures are from Front Rank and flags from GMB Designs.
The Gordons
The Camerons

Highland Colonel