Monday, 29 August 2011

Dark Age Takeaways.

Not exactly a “drive through” more like a “Sail by”. I have recently finished repainting some animals for my Dark Age games, and any other period for that matter. These figures are 1/64 scale, hard rubber and come ready painted. The paint work is okay for toys but I thought they needed a bit of touch up for wargames. A quick re paint and we were away. Inspired by Paul   and captain arjun I have also knocked up a pig pen mainly from Balsa wood on a MDF base.
Some monks and some peasants from Gripping Beast have also been added to give the Vikings something else to chase.
Thanks to Ray I now have some very nice flags flying from my Viking Longship’s masts.

Some of the cattle.
The Pig pen

The pig pen with pigs removed.
Sheep being attacked by Berserkers.

Peasant with some geese.

Farm yard under attack.

Couple of farm workers.

Monks on a mission.

One of Ray's flags.

Another of Ray's flags

and a third.



  1. Very nice animals, looks realy good. God for the vikings to have something to steal to;)

    Best regards Dalauppror

  2. Now that´s something you don´t see everyday...sheep under attack from beserkers!!! I´d watch out...they are expert fighters with some really good moves..the "lamb chop" for example :-D
    A lovely set of animals there..the removable pigs is a great idea.

  3. Jolly nice collection Rodger and well worth a small viking raid for the Sunday roast.

  4. Great buildings, love the pigpen, it looks excellent, the flags look cool as well, I've really gotta get my longships painted up, thanks for the link back!!!

  5. Those animals really finish off your village beautifully - i must get some! Glad my pig pen helped inspire you....actually, I like your more than mine :-)

    Hope those Bezerkers fared well - some of those sheep looked quite annoyed!

  6. 1/64 scale? Just larger than 1/72 which is obviously more common but smaller than 1/48 which I thought was closer to 28mm.

  7. Wow those are some great pictures! Really great job on everything!

  8. I thought it was only in Godzone (NZ) where the sheep look worried when half clad men approach from behind...

    Herd o cows
    Yep heard of chickens?

    Nice work Rog.

  9. Exellent work there :) looks so real

  10. Excellent animals and pig pen. You have a great setup for your Viking raids!

  11. Mate where can I get a batch of said pre-painted animals?