Sunday, 14 August 2011

Ragged Continentals

About six years ago while on holiday in Melbourne Australia I visited Eureka Miniatures.  Didn’t really plan on buying any figures, just a look around the shop and take a few photos of their painted troops. However, after seeing their “Ragged Continentals” I was hooked.  Nic showed me the very nice range of figures and I decided that I needed to add another unit to my Continental Army. I think I managed to get at least one of every figure in the range. I also picked up a unit of the “Marblehead guys”( I will post photos of these guys another time). Both units are very nice sculpts that are well proportioned and a pleasure to paint. The flags are again from GMB Designs.
Flags and drum. Note the soldier drinking from his canteen on the right.
Holding the end of the line.

Close up of some of the men.

and some more.

The complete unit.


  1. Great to see! Nic is an old friend of mine and would never steer you wrong :-)

  2. Nice, and great photos too. Dean

  3. Nice and I've been meaning to pick up a few of them!


  4. Very nice! They do make nice looking figures, but they're sooooo expensive!

  5. Very nice Roger, I am getting some 15mm AWI figures for some myself soon and like the tattered look.

    Snowed in here, time for painting !


  6. Snowed in here as well, looks like time to get those old wargaming mags out for a bit of inspiration.

    Love the figs Rog.

  7. lovely Job, they also mix well with Perry miniatures.


  8. Thanks for the comments guys.
    Paul....Nic was great, I spent about 3 hours at the shop and had a great time. Nic ever gave me several figs for free.Can't ask for better than that.

    Paul J & Gav... Covered in snow here, looks like tomorrow will be much the same.

  9. Hey, Rodger. You obviously didn't photograph this unit this week as there appears to be a lot of direct sunlight...which we haven't seen in Christchurch for some time! Great paint job as usual. Any chance of seeing those delightful female artillery recruits to support this unit?

  10. Stacky.. Actually I took the photos about lunchtime Sunday. Yes, just hours before the snow came. As for the artillery, I took photos of them on Sunday too. Plan on doing a post at the end of the week.