Tuesday, 14 July 2015

The Battle of Montgomery 1644

A refight of the Battle of Montgomery was held the other day at the Grumpy Shed.

The rules were Pike and Shotte.

 The Parliamentarians set themselves up to defend Salt Bridge and hold off the Royalists until their cavalry returned from foraging.
 The Royalists tried to lunch themselves at the Parliamentary lines as quickly as possible but the manoeuvre rolls didn't quite go that way.
 Not a lot of movement on the Royalist right flank.

 Royalist dragoons seemed to be rather content to remain behind the hedges.

 A couple of Parliaments cavalry units, that didn't go off to forage, had a crack at upsetting the Royalist plans.
Royalists grind their way toward the Parliamentarians

Dragoons still unwilling to get into the fight.

 The Royalist left wing attack the Parliamentarians at Salt Bridge. A breakthrough here would make life very hard for the Parliamentarians.
 The foraging party returns and attacks the Royalists right flank.
In the centre, the Royalists struggle to make progress.

King Charles, probably asking why Prince Rupert's troops appear to be helping Parliament!

These guys really like this hedge!

Still the troops around the bridge hold their ground.

The Royalist right is just able to hold on.

 In the centre the Royalists begin to break up. Once the rot sets in it is not long before Royalist troops start to leave the battle. The outnumbered Parliamentarians hold on for the victory!

Thanks to Tim for supplying most of the troops, hosting the game and for the refreshments.

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Dismounted Knights

Made up and painted these Perry's Dismounted Knights over the past couple of weeks.

Keeping things simple, 6 have red clothing and 6 have blue, making two units for lion Rampant.

The red knights

The blue knights.

Training for their big day on the battlefield.
 I had a bunch of these arrows floating around on the paint table. I figured they would be useful for something, just had to figure out what.
So I painted them up and based them.

I am using them as battered markers for Lion Rampant.