Sunday, 24 July 2011

Wire and Wine.

Barbed wire is a must on any WW1 battlefield. I made these emplacments a year or two ago for the groups WW1 games. I have included a few of my WW1 figures, (Foundry and Renegade and a couple of others) to make the photos a bit more interesting.
The grape vines were made earlier this year, matchsticks, cotton for the rope, wire twisted and then spread out for the vine and then Woodland scenics foliage glued on.
Grape Vine
British troops advance through the the wire entanglements. 

Vickers behind the wire.

Scotts and Mortars.

Renegade 18 pounder.

Germans in the vineyard.

More barbed wire.

German LMGs and Flame throwers.

German high command. Battle Honours (I think)

Renegade German 77mm Field gun.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

A Saxon Village.


For most of this year I have been working on Dark Age stuff. Started off with painting up 30 odd Vikings and then 40 odd Saxons.  One of my wargaming buddies, Wayne from, suggested I make a Viking ship.  That took up a few more weeks. But then the Vikings needed somewhere to raid. So, then it was a Saxon village and with that I ended up making some Dark Age fences as well. Now I just needed somewhere for the boat to land to drop off the Vikings. This brought about the making of the beach. I made this with the thought in mind of using one of our terrain boards and making beach type terrain boards to go around the outside.
On Tuesday night Gavin, from and I set the scene for our first 28mm Dark Age game. We used a Table Tennis table that was blue and set up the terrain boards on that. Gav did an awesome job on the sea with the waves and rocks placed around to help disguise the joins in my beach boards. Then we placed the rest of the scenery and took a few photos.
The game was played on Wednesday night and a full report will be up on our group blog as soon we get it sorted.
Village under attack.

and from the other end.
Some of the buildings and fences.

Had to put some figures on the table.

Saturday, 9 July 2011

French Napoleonic army.

Some photos of my 15mm French Napoleonic army. Figures are all Essex except for some marshals and generals that are from Old Glory.  The basing is for the Volley and Bayonet rules. I still have a few packets of these guys to paint up but I find 15's much harder to paint these days. Getting too old to see.  28mm is more my size now. 
These photos are not the best as I was test driving my new camera. They looked better on the camera, honest.
Guard Horse Chasseurs


Guard Horse Chasseurs


Light Infantry unit.

The Army as it stands.

The Artillery


Old Glory Commanders.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

In the Sudan

Just a few photos of a recent battle fought in the Sudan by the Southern Strategists. The rules are Black Powder. The place was the Redwood Redoubt. The full battle report can be found on Gavin's brand new blog and also on the Southern Strategists blog These are some of the other photos that didn't make the cut.
British High Command.

Camals on the charge.

Behind the British lines.

Native Command.


Naval Boys

British high tide.

The closest the British got to the town.