Sunday, 24 July 2011

Wire and Wine.

Barbed wire is a must on any WW1 battlefield. I made these emplacments a year or two ago for the groups WW1 games. I have included a few of my WW1 figures, (Foundry and Renegade and a couple of others) to make the photos a bit more interesting.
The grape vines were made earlier this year, matchsticks, cotton for the rope, wire twisted and then spread out for the vine and then Woodland scenics foliage glued on.
Grape Vine
British troops advance through the the wire entanglements. 

Vickers behind the wire.

Scotts and Mortars.

Renegade 18 pounder.

Germans in the vineyard.

More barbed wire.

German LMGs and Flame throwers.

German high command. Battle Honours (I think)

Renegade German 77mm Field gun.


  1. VERY nice - they really look the business!

  2. They all look very realistic Rodger and damn fine on any table

  3. Very nice battlefield additions.


  4. Very impressive stuff there!

  5. Where did you get the barbed wire from? looks very realistic.

  6. Hey, Rodger!

    Great images...I didn't realise you had so many WW1 figures. Hope you are making the most of the snow and getting stuck into wargaming related activities.

  7. Thanks Wayne. Thanks to the snow it's a day off work. Lost power though and only just got it back on.

  8. Samulus, I made the wire, check this link on how to make it.

    The only differences perhaps( it's in Spainish and I didn't read it) is that I soldered the joins and used some MDF with a nail at each end instead of the vices. Hope this helps.

  9. I like the vines. I may copy this idea for my pirate skirmishing.
    The barb wire is clever too.
    Very nice

  10. Sorry for the late post; just saw this - very, very nice work. I love the barbed wire. Dean