Wednesday, 20 June 2012

WW1 German Artillery.

I picked up this WW1 German 77mm Field Gun and Crew a while ago and have finally finished it. This one is made by Old Glory. Comes with a crew of 6 but I have only based 4 with the gun and then based the other two guys on washers. Although labeled as 25mm it does not look too out of place with the 28mm stuff I have. Sorry about the photos being crap.

These are the other two dudes you get in the set,

Monday, 4 June 2012

WW1 Building.

 Here is another somewhat damaged building for our 28mm WW1 games. Built the same as the last one. The shell crater in the ground did not work out as good as I would have liked but it will have to stay. Although there is not enough rubble for the amount of damage, I intend to make some piles of rubble later that can be placed around to suit. Too much rubble on the base just makes it too difficult to place the troops in there.


Great War Miniatures German Jager making use of the cover.

The first two buildings together.

In use as a First Aid post.

Wounded on stretchers made from plastic. The wounded are made from plasticine, covered with tissue paper and PVA glue, and heads are from the Wargames Factory Colonial British.

Closeup of the rubble.