Sunday, 21 August 2016

WW 1 Bolt Action

The other night a few of the lads got together for a WW1 game.

Rules used were Bolt Action.

Figures are 20mm from Brad's collection.

The battle was based around a British force sent to capture a German occupied town. 

 German artillery quickly began dropping shells on the advancing British.
 Meanwhile the German infantry made good use of the cover of the buildings.
All rather peaceful at the moment.

That is about to change though.

 The British advanced toward the town using the hedges and woods as cover.
 As soon as they were seen the German artillery began firing.

 When the British artillery had deployed they started returning the fire and the Germans in the town began to suffer.
 A couple of groups came through the orchard while others walked boldly down the road.

 The German defenders waited in the buildings until the Brit's were close enough to open fire.

 With their artillery raining down shells the British advanced from hedge to hedge.
 Pins and casualties were mounting rapidly for the Germans.
With all the reinforcements for the Germans committed now it was only a matter of time.
The Germans were forced to withdraw from the town and lick their wounds.

Thanks Brad for organising a great game for us.


  1. Fantastic WW1 game Rodger, superb terrain!

  2. Glad to see a WW1 battle, a beautiful report with great looking troops (love the coverded artillery)...and congrats British boys!

  3. Fantastic looking game. I love the buildings

  4. Very nice!

    I like how one of the row of houses has it's house numbers written in big numbers - 19 21, useful that for the postman [wink] ;)

  5. Sweet looking game Rodger! Good win for the Brits

  6. Love your game. We had few BA WW1 games too and the system seems to be working very well. Brad's collection is very impressive. I really love the way he did the British guns, especially the masking nets over the guns. It gave me some ideas for my futures projects.

  7. Very very nice looking game !!!

  8. Great looking game. Lovely table!

  9. Very nicely done. I love those old buildings too, used to have many of them. :)

  10. Pretty sweet looking game Rodger!

  11. A good battle report,
    Nice work and game-field
    I like this small village and houses,
    straight clean lines and good order everywhere

  12. Wow lovely figures and table Rodger!!!

  13. Really nice figures, and a great set-up. My father-in-law has a set-up like this, but he's 88 now and doesn't play with it as much as he used to :-(

  14. waaaay cool! Nice table top and figs mate

  15. Very nice looking game Rodger!


  16. Always wanted to try WW1 with Bolt Action - looks great :)

  17. Looks like a great game! Really like the arty in the first picture.