Sunday, 10 July 2016

Thomas Stonewall Jackson

When the group decided to have an ACW battle a few weeks back, I thought  it would be a good idea to maybe finish off a couple Generals that had been siting quietly on the painting desk for far too long.

Although Jackson had been finished for some time, the other figures on his base were only half done.

The other command stands will be used as Brigade commanders or Divisional commanders.

Jackson and his aids.

Flag is from GMB
 Lt. Gen. Jackson is a Foundry figure and the other two are plastic Perry figures.

 The foot figure is a left over from the Old Glory hospital set that I painted a while ago.
The mounted figure is the Perry's General Lee figure with a head swap. I felt that having two of General lee would be a bit much!

Confederate General from the Perry boys.

This guy is also a Perry Confederate General.


  1. awesome painted miniatures! I love terrain too!

  2. Great stuff Rodger, you have an excellent set up there.

  3. Nocely done! Top notch painting and lovely terrain. What more could you ask for?

  4. Very nicely done, paint job and presentation!

  5. lovely painted figures and awesome sight of terrain pieces too!


  6. Absolutely stunning work
    I like the images color effects.
    Characters and these buildings and streets.
    These images shades, and the seems like after rain...

  7. Fantastic commanders and buildings Rodger!

  8. Flippin' awesome Rodger! I love those roads as well.

  9. Nicely done, and the photography set ups are great.

  10. Those 28mm ACW figs are such nice sculpts, if I hadn't already dived into 15mm for my ACW fix, I would buy some up in very quick order.

    Very nice work.

  11. Very impressive command bases Rodger!