Saturday, 4 January 2014

Black Powder A.C.W.

Another game with some of the lads.

This time it was an American Civil War game. More or less equal sides with each player commanding a Brigade of infantry and a couple of guns.

Rules were Black Powder.

This was an opportunity for Brad and Clinton to try out the rules with their freshly painted ACW troops.

 Martin's Union boys awaiting orders to advance.
 Both sides were looking to capture both the hill and the farmstead.
This was the position at the kick off!

 Both sides ready to move off. Confederate above, Union below.

Rebels crossing the river on their way to taking the hill.

General Brad's Texans! With no flag to encourage them forward they refused to advance any further.

General Clinton's boys lining the fence.

The Union won the race to the farm and soon occupied the area.

The hill remained in question as both sides chose to stand back and try and weaken the other with mostly small arms fire before charging over the top.

Another look at Brad's Texans. (They did look very nice)

From the Union side.

Bringing up the big fellas behind the hill.

Mr Lee directing things from the middle of a ford!

The Rebel centre.

The Rebel yell went up as the Confederates surged forward to attack the farm.

Shortly afterwards they surged straight back and right off the table! Leaving a great big hole in the Rebel lines. This was to leave the Reb's having to withdraw to fight another day.

Union troops celebrating their win over the Confederates.
 Big thanks to Martin for acting as umpire for the game.


  1. Great looking stuff, sorry it went south for the south!

  2. Great looking table, and great battle report too. I specially like your river, church and villa. Of course all troops are looking great as well.
    All the best,

  3. That's a beautiful looking battlefield, congrats! And a very nice report too, looks like a great game!

  4. Great looking stuff Rodger !
    Greetings .

  5. Very nice, we do as well a campaign with some friends, this battlefield is beautifull.

  6. Simply splendid looking game with well painted miniatures! Whats not to like?!

  7. Realy greate looking game Rodger !

    Like that you using quite large units of 6 bases, looks very good !

    Best regards Michael

  8. Beautiful battle pictures, Rodger. I particularly enjoyed the pictures taken from the observational balloon.

  9. A great looking game Rodger and two excellent looking armies

  10. Great looking game and armies Rodger. Did the guys enjoy the rules?


    1. I think the guys enjoyed the rules. The game did go well but everything was very balanced in the setup. Personally I would still prefer F&F for ACW.

  11. Great looking game Rodger!

  12. Looks super ;) Like the battle flag(s) in the we detect a southern bias...?

  13. Spendid AAR Rodger. It looks a grand set up with lovely terrain, buildings and figures.

    Thanks for sharing!

  14. Cracking setup and a pleasure to view. Thanks for sharing.


  15. Great report them Rodger and lovely terrain and figures.

  16. Very cool tabletop, looks the bomb

  17. Good to see you are still going strong with the ACW, looks great

  18. Now THIS looks amazing! Thanks for sharing the pics.

  19. Excellent report, pictures and gaming table! Thanks for sharing!


  20. Reading this post is convincing me that I need to get in to 28mm ACW. Thanks for that :)