Sunday, 29 December 2013

A Vikings Raid!

Got together the other day with a couple of others for a bit of a Dark Age bash. A Viking raid on a Saxon village was the name of the game. With the Vikings rushing ashore trying to capture the civilians and livestock before they can get to the safety of the fort with all their worldly goods.

 The Vikings have hit the beach and in the foreground the locals are busily trying to get their livestock moving in the direction of the fort!
 The fort end of the table. This is where all the Saxons want to be, with enough troops to man the walls.

 The village end of the table. The Vikings have come to gather up some sheep, chickens, geese  and cattle as well as a few potential slaves.

 The ship's crew await the return of the raiding parties.

 The local lads looking defiant!

 The Vikings catch up with the Saxons on the road between the fort and the village.
 Some of the locals arriving at the fort along with some of the livestock.
 The Vikings now outnumber the last of the Saxons that have not yet made it back to the fort.
A fair number made it to the fort but most of the livestock had to abandoned to the Vikings. The casualties were about the same for both sides but this left the Vikings in command of the area and able to round up the stray animals and a couple of civilians in their own time. Once these were safely on the ship the Vikings were then free to ransack the village for anything worth taking before setting the place on fire.

All in all it was a very pleasant afternoons gaming . Thanks boys.


  1. Thank you for that Rodger...I love the terrain (beautiful one, with the beach), I love the fort, the wagons, the terrible atmosphere with the animals, and the beautiful troops...A great report!

  2. Greate looking game, thak you very much !

    Like the beach section alot !

    What rules did you use?

    Best regards Michael

    1. Thanks Michael. The rules are a set, I think slightly modified, of GW's Lord of the rings.

    2. Very cool looking game. I was just thinking... the saxon setting had me thinking of doing something similar; an orc raid against Rohan..., or perhaps Corsairs against the Fiefdoms on the coast of Anfalas...

  3. A great looking game without any drawbacks!

    Tidy report as well. Nice work Rodger!

  4. Awesome looking game! I really enjoyed the pictures.

  5. Great pictures and report Rodger thanks

  6. Super looking game :) Having a 'proper' scenario is a good thing, too.

  7. Great looking game and really like that longship!


  8. Great pictures and report Rodge !
    Greetings .

  9. Amazing game, and amazing table! I like the idea of scenario: protect and conquer!
    All the best,

  10. Superb looking game Rodger, really great terrain and figures!

  11. Great looking game! Thanks for sharing!

  12. That is an awesome game as well as a stellar report Rodger!
    Great scenario as well as a completely awesome village and fort and modeling in general!
    Really cool stuff!
    Which rules do you guys use?

  13. That is a very cool game, nice scenery too

  14. One awesome looking table and game.
    Great stuff.

  15. Fun stuff, Rodger! Your scenery is a motivation for me to get busy and get some completed for WIYF.

    Wishing you a wonder filled New Year.