Sunday, 25 September 2011

The All Blacks of 1815.

Well, they are all ( almost all) dressed in black! The Brunswick Corp at Waterloo in 1815 was an all arms corp consisting of infantry,cavalry and artillery.The Jager wore light grey with green facings. The remainder of the corp were dressed in black with different coloured facings. I painted these troops about 10 years ago when a number of our group got carried away with all the plastic 1/72 Napoleonics that had appeared on the market. These guys are a mix of HaT, Esci and Italeri. A few minor conversions, head swaps mainly, were required but most of the work was just painting. The flags are from

1st Line Battalion.
The Brunswick Corp.

Foot Artillery

Horse Artillery

The 3 light infantry battalions.1st battalion in front, 2nd battalion in the centre and the 3rd at the rear.

The Leib-Battalion.

1st Line Battalion

2nd Line Battalion

3rd Line Battalion.

Avantgarde Light Infantry

Avantgarde Jagers

Uhlan Squadron

The Hussars.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

1806 Bavarian Infantry.

This is the 4th infantry regiment, "Sachsen Hildburghausen" dated around about 1806. I prefer the Bavarian uniforms from around this time with their different facing colours. The 4th, in Sulpher yellow are particularly striking.  I want to add a further two line units , the 11th, they had green facings  piped red (1807-11) and either the 13th or 14th as they had black facings piped red. After 1814 they all had red facings and I think that would get a little boring. Then I would like to add a light infantry unit in their green coats with black facings also piped red. Just a small Bavarian brigade that could fight as a French ally or against Napoleon.

Front Rank figures with GMB flags.

Friday, 16 September 2011

AWI Battle.

Last week the Southern Strategists played an AWI game using Regimental Fire and Fury rules. Many more photos on our group blog

Wayne's British clash with the Continentals

 Glover's Marblehead regiment is another unit from Eureka that bought while in Australia on holiday a few years back. GMB flags again.
14th Continental, also known as Glover's Marblehead Regiment.
All the British troops are painted by Wayne from
Check out Wayne's blog for more photos of his fine work.

There is also a post there about the Osprey title he has written due out next month.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Zulu War British

Several years ago our group decided to do a bit of colonial gaming.  With 5 of us involved we decided that if each of us painted at least one British unit, and that some of us painted the odd Gatling gun or artillery piece we should have enough to start gaming.

The British unit that I settled on was the 13th. I didn’t want to do the 24th foot as everyone paints them.  The 13th were part of the “Flying Column” commanded by Brigadier-General Sir Evelyn Wood. This force also included the 80th and 90th regiments.

The figures are from Black Tree Design. The drought horses are by Front Rank. I can’t remember where the wagon came from.


Supply Wagon

Royal Artillery

  Just had to add these guys in as well.
I picked them up at Eureka when I was there a few years ago. 28mm Bears. Just a bit of fun.

Eureka" Bear" Zulus

Eureka"Bear" British