Thursday, 29 March 2012

1st Year and WW2 Tommies.

Today is my blogs" First Year Anniversary" and what a year it has been. I have really enjoyed  the blog and following some  outstanding blogs that are out there. The most striking thing about having a blog , for me, is the feeling of friendship that comes from sharing in a common pursuit. I never thought about this side of blogging and was really surprised how quickly I felt I was getting to know people from all over the world. To all of you who are followers, thank you very much. It is very humbling to know that so many people are interested in what is happening in my wargaming world. A special thanks to everyone who has commented too, I really appreciate your comments and advice.

Back at the start of the year Gav from gave me a sprue of Valiant Miniatures WW2 British "Tommies". I soon realised that even after 40+ years of gaming I had never painted any WW2 Brit's! I have owned plenty of the old Airfix and ESCI figures, just never painted them. Although these figures are labelled as 1:72 scale they are in fact a slightly larger scale than that. Nevertheless, I was pleased with the results and ended up taking another sprue from Gav and all 8 of the  Para heads that came in the box.
So, here are some pic's of my recently painted WW2 Tommies. Thanks Gav.

Some of the command figures.

PIAT team.


The Para conversions.

More Mortars.

Bren gunner.

Thanks again guys for all the support.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Goreham's Rangers

By 1761 Goreham's ( or Gorham's) Rangers had adopted a reversible uniform that was a red coat with brown facings and linings. As a result I have painted mine both ways. Painted a few years ago, actually at about the same time as I painted Roger's Rangers! However last week they finally got to have their first battle.

In action for the first time.

Manning the walls of Fort Wayne.

Covering a breach in the walls of Fort Wayne.

Roger's Rangers also in action for the first time.
Figures are from Front Rank.