Sunday, 12 May 2013

General R.E.Lee

When Virginia declared its secession from the Union in April 1861, Lee chose to follow his home state, despite his personal desire for the country to remain intact and despite the fact that President Abraham Lincoln had offered Lee command of a Union Army.

Lee became the great Southern hero of the War, a postwar icon of the " Lost Cause of the Confederacy" to some. But his popularity grew even in the North, especially after his death in 1870. He remains an iconic figure of American military leadership.

 Lee is a Foundry figure and again the other guys are Perry plastics.
 I wanted something a little different from the Meade command stand, so this time I made one trooper look like he was coming up to Lee with some information and another having a drink from a canteen.
 As Lee is more of a 25mm figure and the plastic Perry guys are much closer to 28mm I have had to raised the stand a bit giving Bobby Lee a bit more height.

 The flag is from the same old place again!
 Close up of the dude with the water bottle.

Close up of the dude greeting Mr Lee.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Major General George Gordon Meade

Meade took over command of the Army of the Potomac just a few days before the battle of Gettysburg.

After his victory at Gettysburg Meade received a promotion to brigadier general in the regular army and the Thanks of Congress which commended Meade "... and the officers and soldiers of [the Army of the Potomac], for the skill and heroic valor which at Gettysburg repulsed, defeated, and drove back, broken and dispirited, beyond the rappahannock the veteran army of the rebellion."

 Meade himself is a Perry metal miniature, the other guys are all Perry plastics. This will be the Union army command stand at our re fight in a couple of months time. The flag was stolen from the Internet