Sunday, 31 May 2015

Seize the town

Got together with some of the lads for a game of Lion Rampant last week.

With the castle in the back ground the battle was fought over a small town out in front.

 The objective was to capture the three buildings that make up the town and hold on to them. There was bound to be something of interest inside them.
 Both sides started at the table edges and advanced towards the centre.
 Both sides had their problems with activations.
 After a couple of moves the archers were beginning to open fire.
 From there it all went down hill for the side that I was on.
 The mounted Knights wasted no time in dispatching these foot troops.
 The whole battle soon became a rather one sided affair.
 With the result being rather obvious these guys decided to save their skins and headed for the table edge.

Below are a couple of photos for Darrell from Just Add Water .
 These are Perry 28mm plastic figures. Hopefully they give a good indication of the scale difference between 28mm fig's and the 1/72 scale castle.
 Above and below figures very nicely painted by Bradders!


 Back in March I was very lucky to be a winner in a blog giveaway run by Nate of Natholeon's Empires
As a result I am now the very proud owner of this wonderful duo painted by the talented Nate himself.
Thanks very much Nate.

If you haven't already I can most certainly recommend visiting Nate's and Darrell's blogs.