Sunday, 17 January 2016

Battle for Martin Farm

The crossroads at Martin Farm was important. Very important, as it happens, for the Union and Confederate armies.

Martin Farm
 The armies deployed, ready to take control of the area.
 Both sides advanced toward the main road.

 The Rebel left flank attempted to take the Union in the flank.
 The Rebels won the race to the farm.
 With their weight on the flanks the Reb's were a bit thin in the centre.
 Out gunned, the Rebels held on.
 Hood and Longstreet struggle to keep up with advance.
 The fighting around the farm was very heavy.
 The Union left flank was outnumbered and was forced to give ground under the pressure of the Confederate charges.
 The Union artillery in the centre was forced to retreat but the infantry kept on firing.
 Over on the Union right flank the Rebels were still advancing through the trees...
.... and then charged into the Union lines.
 As darkness fell the Rebels had control of the farm and the crossroads. The Union army began to withdraw, still able to fight another day.
28mm game using Regimental Fire & Fury.

Sunday, 10 January 2016

American Civil War in 54mm

A while ago I was having a coffee with Gav from Ogilvie VC . Some how, somewhere along the way I was conned by this gentleman, into painting some 54mm figures.

" I'll give you the figures" he said.

"Just have to paint a few for a game" he said.

Knowing that I should walk away from this somehow didn't help. Before I knew it I was walking out with a few dozen figures in a box!

Over the next week or two the number of troops required for a game grew to 20 odd!

 I found an old Britains cannon that I had owned for many years. No crew though!
 Modified one figure and painted up an officer to man the gun. I also made a few changes and additions to the gun.
 I think these figures are all a mixture of A Call To Arms, Accurate and Armies in Plastic.
 Gav has bought some rules so now we just have to wait for him to read the rules and tell me what to do!

The figures turned out rather better than I thought they would.

Roll on our first game.