Sunday, 14 February 2016

Friday night games

We have  had a few games over last couple of Friday nights.
I have been a bit slack at posting the pic's, so here they are.

15mm, WW2, French v Germans using Rapid Fire.
German para's have just been dropped.
 The French were defending against a massive German advance.
 Plenty of artillery and anti-aircraft guns around for the French.

 French forward observer in position in this town sector
 The first run of German para's come in.

 As soon as they landed they were causing havoc behind the French lines.

 The main German thrust arrives and the French limp off to fight another day.

Next up is a Lion Rampant game. It was all about control of the bridge in the centre.
 Brad's lovely terrain made by Clinton.

A couple of units attacking near the town
 Some mounted knights found a ford in the river and went on to cause some trouble.

Pikemen on the road to the bridge.

Archers defending near the town.

 By the end both sides were greatly reduced with only a couple of units left to fight over the bridge.
Apologies for the very poor reports.

Saturday, 6 February 2016

ACW Skirmish

The other night we had our first skirmish with our 54mm ACW troops.

 Just a small game with a little over 20 figures a side.
 Gav split his Union into two groups and to be different I went for three smaller groups.
One of Gav's groups.

and the other group. More photos on his blog at Ogilvie VC  

 We opened fire on each other across this field on my right flank. I had already lost two guys before I even had a chance to take a photo!
 My centre group open up a long range fire on Gav's right flank group that are lurking in the rocks.
 The Union were shooting well and Gav managed to suppress my whole centre group for a while.
 More firing over on my right and it was a disaster. The rest of my group here were killed. 
Only one thing left to do. I charged the Union group that were in the rocks with my last group. The Rebel Yell must have made the difference. I lost one guy but the Union lost all but two. Their last two guys ran away and the Union morale was pretty low.

This was a good first run through of the rules. No objectives or that and totally the same armies. It was just a chance for me , Gav and Geoff to see how the rules play.  

Enjoyable enough for us to be keen on another game one day soon.

The rules were Smooth and Rifled.