Sunday, 26 March 2017

AK47 game.

The other Friday night we had a game set  during the  Vietnam war. The rules we used were AK 47.

I hadn't read the rules and this was really just a run through to try them out.

The Americans were already on the table along with a number of objective markers.

The VC  arrived at the corners with the plan of capturing the objectives. I think in the end the Americans managed to hold on to enough of the objectives to claim the win.

All the figures, vehicles and terrain from Adrian's collection.

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Dad's Army in action.

The other week we had a wee practice game for the up coming Southern Strategists game on the following Wednesday night.
Basically a run through of the rules, Rugged Adventures, and a trial run of the table set up.

More or less the same game as we played about 6 months ago.

The photos here are of the trial game. The real game photos and report are on the Southern Strategists blog here.


One of the Home Guard groups leaves town.

Another Home Guard group get ready to search for the Germans.

Frazer scouting ahead.

The aircrew prepare to leave.

The basic scenario was the same for all three games.

The Germans start with two groups in separate parts of the table. A group from the aircraft and a group of paratroops that have been dropped in to help them out. These two groups can meet up and then re- sort themselves into several groups as they see fit.

For the British, they start in three groups. Two groups of Home Guard and a group of police.

Head on over to the Southern Strategists blog for the real battle.