Tuesday, 29 March 2011

First Time

Hi all and welcome to my blog. I have created this blog to share with you some photos of my troops both "On display" and "In action".
For almost 40 years now I have been pushing these wee guys around and I still love it. In the beginning it was all Airfix, either unpainted or poorly painted, but as the years went by 25mm metal took over until 15mm came along. Although I still have a fair few 15mm figures most of my collection is now 28mm. Front Rank figures feature quite a lot. There is just something about them that makes them such a pleasure to paint.
As writing is definitely not my thing there won’t be too much to read, but I do hope to make up for it with lots of pictures.
Some of us, in our group (Southern Strategists), have recently started painting up some Dark Age figures so I will kick off with a shot of my Vikings. When the Saxons are based I will do another photo shoot.
Gripping Beast and Wargames Factory plastic Vikings.

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  1. Nice Warband! I use Wargames Factory plastics for the majority of my Northmen too