Sunday, 7 July 2013

Two days at Gettysburg

This weekend was spent with a great bunch of guys pushing somewhere in the vicinity of 4000 figures around our battlefield of Gettysburg.

This post will largely cover my area on the table with a few shots of the action in other areas.
I have posted more photos of the whole table on the Harper's Weekly Blog.

I was General Lafayette McLaws and right from the start we were in action.

McLaws Division starting off right in front of Sickles commanded by Nick and Adam.

Overlooking Gettysburg toward Culp's Hill and Cemetery Hill.

McLaws in the background

The Union view of Gettysburg.

Rebels in Gettysburg.

McLaws troops on the edge of the Wheatfield and attacking the Peach Orchard.

Reb's moving out of Gettysburg.

Union 5th and 6th corps advancing onto the table.

Union troops holding Devil's Den and Hood's Texans moving onto Round Top.

Round Top, later to be called Big Round Top.

The Tigers attacking to their front.

After two failed attempts McLaws clears the Peach Orchard.

Pickett's troops in the foreground looking toward the Round Tops.

From above Hood's boys.

Hood has gained Devil's Den and Round Top and about to attack Little Round Top.
Rebels on Culp's Hill.

The Union retook Devil's Den but McLaws took it back again.

Rebels on Culp's Hill and Cemetery Hill.


  1. Fabulous looking game Rodger - thanks for the pics :)

  2. Thanks, Rodger. Beautiful beautiful game table!

  3. Impressive game !!!

    Best regards Michael

  4. That is an amazing looking table, I bet you had a lot of fun there


  5. The game table looks ace!! and great pics to :)
    you must hade a great gaming day!!

  6. Awesome! Fantastic looking game!

  7. Just awesome looking set up Rodger!


  8. 4,000 figures! That's amazing and awe inspiring. Oooh that table is gorgeous and I like the way you took those photos to give us both a ground level and birds eye view. Those clusters of houses make me drool:)

  9. That is just amazing, what a game!

  10. Wargaming doesnt get much better than this eh. Give yourself a big pat on the back mate.

  11. What an awesome game, talk about doing it in a 'GRAND' scale, top job mate well done.

  12. Very fun throwing down vs Mclaws and Hood. Especially since it was two of my blogger friends.
    Had a great time and was lucky enough to be in the fight for all of both days.
    Really appreciate the sportsmanship from our whole end of the table.
    I think I win the prize for the most abused division, two spent brigades and one worn.
    I'll try to get some pics and a report up sometime soon.
    By the way folks, his arms and buildings look even better in person!
    Cheers Rodger!

    1. I really enjoyed the battle that was going on down our end of the table. The luck of the dice went back and forth much like my troops, but in the end honours were probably fairly evenly shared. Great to meet you Adam. We will have to do it again sometime.

  13. Great looking game Rodger, all that hard work has paid off!

  14. Amasing table! I like this idea with the hats for the participans. At least you know which side the guys are ;)
    all the best

  15. Fantastic work Roger.
    Thanks for sharing,

  16. That is an awesome looking game there and thanks for sharing this

  17. I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend Rodger and the goodhearted banter at our end of the line- Big Dave, Adam and Nick were all top class opponents. However, you were lucky not to be relieved of command at the end of day 1 the way your dice performed but you more than made up for it with the epic defence of the Devil's Den on day two!

    One again outstanding work on Gettysburg- absolutely awesome modelling!

  18. Well done to you and the others Rodger. A fantastic looking game. From our end, it was well worth all the effort that you put, and I'm sure from yours too! Inspiring stuff.

  19. Great looking game. RAF Leuchars are planning huge ACW game as their New Year extravaganza.

  20. Awesome game! Wonderfull pictures and painted figures!

    Thanks for sharing!


  21. Great looking game, and congratulations on having such a successful event. It was quite an impressive sight to pop in and see and it was good to finally meet in person!

    1. Thanks Brian. It was great to meet you too and put a face to the blog!

  22. Thanks for all the comments guys!

  23. Fantastic looking game you guys had hope I can do the same one day

  24. great stuff!!!!! just too cool!

  25. wuaoo Great table and game in miniature!!

  26. Great game! The kind of inspiration we all want!