Monday, 22 September 2014

X Wing games

Just for something different I allowed myself to be taken into the future for a night.

I would love to give a full account of the games played but as I haven't a clue about the various crafts involved, nor for that matter, anything else to do with "space wars" I will just post the pic's I managed to take and leave it at that.

The boys kept talking about a death star and some Millennium Falcon thingy, a Darth Vader chap and a bunch of rebels. Might as well have been talking a foreign language as far as I was concerned!

We played three games and I managed to get thrashed in all three! Nevertheless a very enjoyable evening.

Clinton had a heap of very cool looking spacecraft but we only used these ones below. I think he keep it simple for the dumb one (me)!


Thanks to Clinton for doing the hard work and making it a great night.


  1. Nice looking game and it seems you had fun!


  2. Rodger, great looking game. However you are wrong. It is not future, it is past. Star War saga is always begining with "... long, long time ago..." ;) Thanks for sharing.

    1. The Star Wars saga is based on the 1960 figure Captain Scarlet TV series
      X-wing resemble Angel Inspector (Airfix) fighters (Thunderbirds TV series)

  3. Haven't played this before, but there are a lot of folks in the local area who do. The photos really make it look appealing.

  4. Cool pictures. I've dipped my toe into X-Wing (that's code for: bought lots of stuff and hardly played with it!) It's a fun game, easy to pick up and play and as complicated as you want to make it really. Cheers, Paul :-)

  5. Great looking pictures, really like the gaming mat. X-wing is a fun game and easy to get addicted to as I know to my cost

  6. I like those ships and they do look good on that mat. Once you get hooked on this kind of thing there's no going back to historicals :0)

  7. Planning for a trip to the Big Z, huh.

  8. Played this once too :)
    Basically, it's Spitfires in space... sort of. A bit.

  9. Not a "period" I play, but I must admitt that your ships are really impressive!

  10. Very cool looking. I was so tempted by this game but worry if I got it, it might put me off painting ! ;-) Does the game handle the 'height' of the ship?