Sunday, 8 March 2015

Perry's WW1 Turks.

 Along with about 130 other Kiwi wargamers I have been painting up some of the 54mm WW1 troops that the Perry boys have designed for a rather massive diorama.

 For more information about this rather large painting endeavour check out Mustering the Troops for the latest news of what other wargamers have painted.

The figures have long pegs down from the feet for attaching to the diorama so no basing for us to do.

Started another batch last night. We have about 3 weeks left to paint 4000, 54mm fig's!

 Win Stuff

Kiwi wargame and "master" painter Nate, is having a 100 follower giveaway on his blog, Natholeon's Empires. Go take a look and sign up to win some cool stuff.



  1. Nicely painted mate, always liked that rushing pose, very appropriate for WW1

  2. Wonderful work Rodger. By my reckoning that's a shade over 10 figures a week each to do - that'll take some doing at 54mm.

  3. Great work.
    Cool pictures
    The situation looks quite realistic attack

  4. Great paint job and gorgeous presentation Rodger!!

  5. Nice work Rodger! These figures do seem to be turning out quite consistent from what I've seen around the blogs. Well done :-)

  6. Heard a few bits about this project over here too...
    Nice work :) Good cause :)

  7. Excellent work. Nice setting for photography as well. cheers

  8. Thanks for the plug and great work with those Turks Rodger.

  9. Very nice work Rodger! It's nice to see this project progressing along in various different blogs!