Sunday, 11 October 2015

Wellesley at Assaye 1803

Friday night was a bit of a refight of the Battle of Assaye.

15mm figures using the Volley and Bayonet rules.

 Wellesley's army has crossed the river Kaitna on the right and can now be seen forming up in the distance.
 Indians await the advance of Wellesley's army.
Assaye to the left.
 Wellesley lunches his cavalry at the front lines of guns and infantry probing for a weak spot.
 The Maratha high command brings up reinforcements as the cavalry causes a few losses.
 Meanwhile their baggage carts make their way across the river Juah near the town of Assaye. 
Wellesley brings up his infantry as fast as possible to exploit the gaps created by his cavalry.
 It wasn't long before their were numerous melees going on right across the front lines as Wellesley's infantry attacked.
 These resulted in mixed success for both sides.
 With more gaps appearing in the Maratha army's front line Wellesley sent in his cavalry again.

 On the flank, by the river Kaitna, a mob of cavalry appeared. These were part of Wellesley's army that had not crossed the river. They began harassing some of the fleeing  Maratha infantry that were trying to escape across the river. They were in-turn attacked by Maratha cavalry and sent reeling away from the fight.
 More hard fighting followed across the whole front between the rivers.
 But this time for Wellesley there was to be no great victory. Casualties were mounting and it was Arthur's army that had suffered too much.
Thanks to Adrian for running the game and for supplying all the troops and buildings.


  1. Wow! Great spectacle! It's one battle that I've always wanted to play.

  2. Wowsers...! Not sure I've ever seen this battle in miniature - super stuff :)

  3. Fantastic report Rodger, thumbs up!! Great looking terrain and armies, love the baggage carts making their way across Juah...beautiful!

  4. A fine tale of dice, measures, tiny troopers, river, baggage, and elephants. Seems like a great way to spend an evening with good friends.

  5. What a fabulous looking game Rodger of a fascinating period.

  6. Interesting, not familiar with this thanks! Great looking setup again!

  7. Nice looking table. I do like that Nellie!

    I went to an Antique Festival yesterday and found some items you would have loved. There was a book published by the US government during the Civil War. It had short stories written by different authors. The book was written and published so it could be distributed to the troops so they could get a "taste of home" during the war. It was a first edition. Even in rough shape it was too expensive for me to buy. They also had two flintlock rifles-both were more money than I could afford.

    1. Yes, the book and the rifles would both be "right up my street" Anne. But I probably couldn't afford them either. Cool to have though!

  8. Great looking game. Love your elephant (everyone loves elephants on the tables) and the carts.

  9. Great report! Nice to see some more exotic battles being played as well!

  10. Great report! The game looks superb!

  11. Now that's a cool looking game Rodger!


  12. Brilliant game. Rodger. Nice to see Assaye done - elephants, Wellesley and muskets, oh my!

  13. Looks most impressive! The baggage carts are a nice touch.