Sunday, 8 November 2015

Zombies and Pirates

Searching for supplies with a whole lot of Zombies around is not always a lot of fun!

Daphne and Fred paired up with Chris and Chainsaw girl
 The humans split up into two groups and set off to search for food and drugs.
The Policemen were with Glenn and Shotgun Girl.

 When the humans began there were only a few Zombies around.
 Word soon got around that humans were in the area.
Glenn and his girlfriend took off down road leaving everyone else behind.

The rest headed for the nearest buildings and an abandoned car.

 With Zombies arriving on the scene the searches had to be quick.
 Fred started shooting some of the Zombies and Chris got stuck in with his cricket bat.
 Glenn and his girlfriend were on a mission and left the others behind, still in the buildings.
 Soon though they found themselves in trouble. The Zombies were closing in.
Chainsaw girl deals to a Zombie.
 After searching through the buildings it was time to move onto other areas.
Chris C and Fred, having killed off a few Zombies prepare to catch up with their friends.

Fred holds the doorway until the others are out the other side.
 Heading to the next bunch of buildings the Police boys stop off and search the ambulance but nothing is found. Glenn and his girlfriend, shotgun girl, make it back to join up with the rest of the humans.
 Glenn becomes very full of himself and decides to make a stand against any Zombie silly enough to take him on.
 The policemen hang around and take care of a few more Z's while the rest of the gang catch up. Chainsaw girl does another search of the ambulance and locates some drugs.(Isn't that just typical of a woman!)
 As the rest of the humans head for the next lot of buildings Glenn is overwhelmed with Zombies and makes the ultimate sacrifice. 
 Searching these buildings revealed some more food and some ammo. Just what was needed.
Chainsaw Girl with Fred and Shotgun Girl

Daphne, ready for anything
 The Police search the rooms while the others keep guard.
 All the Zombies are heading for the buildings. The humans need to get out of there fast.

Shotgun girl makes a dash across the fields towards the police car and was never seen again.
 The humans fight their way out of the building almost losing one of the coppers.
Almost out of ammo the humans make a run for it. Down the road and away to safety.

About 40 Zombies were killed for one human killed and one missing. Plenty of food and drugs were found and that will keep the humans going for a while.

Also had a game with some Pirates last weekend, not many of the photos were any good at all but here is a few.

 The rules were similar to the LotR rules.

 A great bit of loot grabbing somewhere in the Caribbean.

 A quick and simple game.

Lots of fun all round.

Big thanks to Brad and Clinton for the figures and scenery for these games.


  1. Great looking games, sounds like fun!

  2. Great looking games Rodger, the zombie run particularly was building nicely tension wise.

  3. Zeds are real pests. Nice extermination squad you've got there, Rodger.

  4. A couple of fun looking games :)
    Pirates and Zombies... what's not too like!

    1. 'to' ... even :) Failed my 7 year old's grammar test...

  5. Two great looking games Rodger!

  6. Great looking games. Nice report Captain (Jolly) Rodger. Yearrghhhh! and Braaaains!

  7. Good looking zombie game and then there were pirates, aaarrrrr!!!!

  8. Love the Zombie and Pirates games. Very nice scenery and very well painted figures. Great stuff.

  9. Awesome AAR Rodger. Nicely done.

  10. Wow, beautiful pictures Rodger, streets are not safe here...and pirate women are really, really beautiful!

  11. Two fabulous looking games Rodger! Looks like you had lots of fun.

  12. How did I miss commenting on this post? Good to see those boys getting a run!