Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Viking raid.

Last Fridays game with the lads was a Dark Age raid on a neighbouring village. This was a practice game for the Southern Strategists game that is on tonight. We are using Lion Rampant rules with some miner changes.

A bunch of Vikings having raided a nearby village were on their return journey loaded with loot. The locals have mustered a force together and are waiting in ambush.

If the locals can prevent the raiders from crossing the river with their ill gotten gains they win.

The raiders leaving the town.

The locals start coming out of the trees to stop the raiding party.

The locals are trying to cut off the escape route.

The locals come in from both sides but the raiders are heading straight for home.

 In the end the raiders were a bit too strong for the locals and they managed to get away with the loot.

I will have to even up the numbers for tonight's game.


  1. Wonderful terrain and minis, an excellent report the ducks, nice touch!

  2. Very cool Rodger! Shared it to the "Wargaming in the Dark Ages" Google+ community, I hope that's OK?

  3. Awesome display of great looking painted miniatures, terrain and wargaming!


  4. Great looking game Rodger! Hope the addition of some more locals will even the game up!

  5. Good looking terrain and characters coloring,
    houses, fences ...

  6. Great game Rodger and currently watching Vikings box set so now thinking maybe a small warband would be ok to add to the collection.

  7. Great fun. And the ducks have a front row seat for the drama!

  8. Super stuff... not tried the 'Dark Age' version of the rules but looks like it works :)

  9. Fantastic looking game! Excellent mr. Rodger!

  10. Great looking game. Really good. Great stuff. cheers