Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Viking raid.

Last Fridays game with the lads was a Dark Age raid on a neighbouring village. This was a practice game for the Southern Strategists game that is on tonight. We are using Lion Rampant rules with some miner changes.

A bunch of Vikings having raided a nearby village were on their return journey loaded with loot. The locals have mustered a force together and are waiting in ambush.

If the locals can prevent the raiders from crossing the river with their ill gotten gains they win.

The raiders leaving the town.

The locals start coming out of the trees to stop the raiding party.

The locals are trying to cut off the escape route.

The locals come in from both sides but the raiders are heading straight for home.

 In the end the raiders were a bit too strong for the locals and they managed to get away with the loot.

I will have to even up the numbers for tonight's game.

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Rescuing the King of Piedmont.

Our last Friday night game was set during the Italian wars of Independence. The King of Piedmont had been wounded in an earlier battle and was resting up in a small town when the Austrian army came calling.

Fortunately for the King, the French Imperial guard were on hand to defend the town while reinforcements were called.

 The King's carriage awaits him outside the town as the first reinforcements stream across the bridge.
 The Austrians advance around the flank and....
 .....through the centre.
The town with French Imperial Guard in and around the area.

 The first of many Austrian attacks on the town.
 The reinforcements meet the flank attack.
 Cavalry appear on the other flank but they also meet some stiff opposition.
 With the Austrians struggling to breakthrough on the flanks they concentrate their efforts on the centre.
 Another attack on the town results in the Austrians regrouping again.

 The defenders of the town hanging on until the King is fit to move.

 Yet another attack on the town.
 The Austrians have some success and eventually capture the town along with the King.
The French however were not ready to give up and charged back in again regaining the town. Although desperately low on defenders the French are able to hang on long enough for the Austrians to give up the fight.

Another wonderful game of Volley and Bayonet.

Thanks to Adrian for the troops and buildings and for running a successful game.