Sunday, 29 May 2011

5/60th Rifles

When Captain William Frederickson was wounded in the thigh with a musket ball from a French voltigeur, moving was not an option. He yelled,
“Where is my Sergeant”?
“Dead Sir.” Was the reply from someone amongst the trees to his right.
“Roundshot got him Sir.” Yelled another.
Sweet William removed his sword belt and looked for a corporal. There were none in sight.
“Private, Take my sword” he said to the young private crouching behind a rock a few yards away.
“You are now in command of the company. Take the men forward son.”

This is how my unit of the 60th Rifles got to be commanded by a private.
I needed a command stand of some sort. I was going to use some metal command figures but I wasn’t keen on mixing metal and plastic within the unit and on separate bases. When one of my gaming buddies gave me another Perry’s Riflemen sprue a few weeks back I decided that it was time to make the command stand. I already had four stands painted up, two more stand and the unit would be all done. However at the moment it is just five stands until I can get two more figures.

Searching on the internet I came across a blog, .
A great article on the 60th Rifles and conversions of the plastic Perry Riflemen gave me the inspiration that was needed.
 The sword arm is from a Victrix sprue and likewise the scabbard. The sword belt I made from wire and paper. For the bugler, I used a spare trumpet arm from Perry’s A.C.W cavalry, cut down to try to make it look a bit more like a bugle than a trumpet.  The rifle was then move across to the left arm.

 Commanding private and Bugler.

60th leaving a farm somewhere in France.
In action during a recent game.
 I have included a few photos of some other Victrix/Perry combinations I have made.

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  1. Nice one!! I must try something similar myself..
    Excellent work! :)

  2. Agree with the lurker. Great setting as well.

  3. Inspirational! Great painting and modelling, and a gripping story line...

  4. Great post and photos, you can't beat a bit of Sharpe, to get the wargames juices flowing!

  5. Wow, I'm really impressed with not only your paining but your scenery. May I ask, where do you store all the stuff?

    Being new to painting I have a question about bases; what to use? Yours appear to be on thicker bases. Which are better, plastic or metal? Does one cut off the bar or use them with bases that have slots?

  6. Hi Garry. The small round bases are small steel washers. The square bases are 3mm cardboard with the figures glued on with PVA wood glue. I prefer the thicker bases as I think it encourages players to pick them up by the base rather than the figure itself.

  7. the first one looks very real

  8. The lighting is really good on these photos.

  9. those are nice figures... wish i was a kid again so i could play with them :)

    btw like your blog