Friday, 6 May 2011

Dark Age Saxons

Saxon command with one of Ray's beautiful flags.
With adding a Ray Rousell flag (from Ray’s wonderful blog  “Don’t throw a 1” I have finished my Saxon foot. At least for now! These are all from Renegade Miniatures, from their Dark Age Saxon range. I need to add some more Fyrd at some stage but for now these will do. The horse are almost done (all  nine of them).  When I have the basing completed I will take some more  photos  and put them up on the blog too. We are planning on using them mainly for skirmish games  rather than big battles so I think I have enough to start with. 



Some Fyrd.

The Huscarls.

Saxon foot.


  1. Great looking figures Rodger, thanks for the link back about the flags, I made them some time ago and believe it or not, I've not had the time to put any on my figures yet!!!

  2. Thanks Ray. I hope you do get the chance to use your own flags at some stage. They are just too good not to.

  3. Very nice blog!!! Great work, excellent pictures!!!

  4. Thanks Alex. I hope to get some more photos done this weekend and post sometime during the week.

  5. Very nice Ridger- your sheilds are very colourful and neat too.

    Looking forward to seeing your Saxon horse as we need some for our DA gaming. Could you tell me more about the figs pls?

    Paul of the Man Cave

  6. Hi Paul. The horse are from Renegade too. Only nine of them but it is a start. Once we have played a few games I will decide if I need more. Photos should be on the blog next week, all going well.

  7. Thanks Rodger, I'll look forward to that.

    The Saxons in our games have been a little soft. Historically accurate at times of course, but they need an extra edge to keep the Viking players on their toes. I think some mounted Huscarls would do the job nicely!

  8. Just found your blog and I have to say those are some great figures. Looking forward to seeing more from you!