Thursday, 24 April 2014

Essex Medieval Knights

Started painting these fig's more than 15 years ago!! Finally they are done!

My original intention was to do a Scottish Medieval army but way back then I was having trouble getting much in the way of info. Now, as a couple of us are making up some medieval armies I have gone for a more fictitious army in order to be able to make use of all the medieval figures I have lying around.

 Essex Knights....the first 4.
 The two blue figures were painted many years ago!
 Home made flag. Looking at it now I think it should have been red and green, not blue and white.

 The troops so far....... More to come yet.
If you think 15 or so years is bad for getting round to painting up some fig's then read on!
 Painted and based up these stone walls this week too. They have been semi painted for a few years but never got round to basing them. About 40 years ago I saved up my pocket money for weeks and weeks till I had enough to send away to Britain to get them. After waiting for months for them to arrive I open the parcel only to find that the long ones were broken in half. Vac formed stuff didn't travel too well across the world. Now hidden by the Woodland Scenic clump foliage.

Anyway I have now painted them up and based them for use in my games.

I think the maker for the stone walls was an outfit called "Bellonia" but I could be wrong.

The MDF bases for the knights were supplied by" Bradder's War Bases". Thanks Brad.

Tomorrow is ANZAC Day

99 years ago 


Lest we forget.


  1. Maintaining the usual high standard of presentation of terrain and figures, I see! Excellent work, Rodger. Obviously you enjoy this aspect of the hobby as much, if not more, than the rest!

  2. 15 years but well worth the wait I'd say – they look great!

  3. These are nice and I agree about the presentation


  4. Hello.
    Good fresh colors, good arrangement
    I also admire the cartwheel tracks, and these stone wall

  5. Happy anniversary.
    New Zealand is in second place after Danish
    overtaken by the Finlands and Sweden.
    Countries with the least corruption

  6. Great work and 40 years old too!

  7. Beautifully painted - no hint of their age too.

  8. 15 years! Oh my, I have two boxes of figs that I started over a year ago and stopped because something else grabbed my interest. I call it my box of shame.

    I like the reds a lot. Really nice work. 40 years on the walls is longer than it would take to build them in real life! They do look good though.

    Hope your people have a good Remembrance Day tomorrow.

  9. Your paint job is really amazing...excellent work Rodger! Beautiful pictures too...

  10. Really beautiful work... you seem to be able to get such vivid colours!
    Must get some knights of my own soon :)

  11. Very nice indeed Rodger !

    Best regards Michael

  12. A superb post Rodger, bravo Sir.

  13. Beautiful work, and highlights why you should never discard anything!

  14. The Knights turnd out great Rodger!

  15. They look super Rodger! I guess good things just take time to do.:-)


  16. And I thought I was slow :-)...They look excellent Rodger!

  17. That has to be some sort of record time wise for getting the figures and walls finished but they have been worth the wait as they look superb.

  18. 15 years def worth the wait nice one

  19. I love the heraldy painted on the knights! And yes, 15 years is a long time!