Sunday, 6 April 2014

Zombie game

Rushed home from work on Friday night and headed out from a Zombie game. Returned home within 10 minutes to grab the camera that I had forgotten and arrived 20 minutes late only to find that others had forgotten the painted Zombies! At this point I had decided to not bother with photos but as the shopping centre looked so good I did take a few in the end.

With all the unpainted figures it's a bit hard to work out who is who , but basically there were half a dozen humans that went into the shopping centre to find some food.
Shopping centre and carpark.
 Having fought off a few zombies in the carpark the humans entered the mall and began to search through the left hand side shops.
One of Brad's Zombie dogs.

Zombies entering the shopping centre ground floor down an escalator.

Food court area.

 We found some food and a bit more ammo in the bank and cafe. In the bank we also found a young girl holding a pistol. Turned out she was a pretty good shot too!
 By the time we were in the food court we were getting overwhelmed. Almost out of ammo and having lost four of our guys. It was time to run. The rest of us managed  to escape back through some holes in the walls then through a door at the back of the bank, then out into the carpark and away. Two of the original six humans and the wee girl made to safety.
Apart from the two dogs these were the only other painted fig's in the game.
Over at the Southern Strategists blog is a bunch of photos from our recent Dark Age game.


  1. Very nice shopping centre Rodger

  2. The shopping center looks great Roger!

  3. Shame about the painted figures as the shopping centre looks great


  4. That looks like a brilliant zombie set up. Look forward to seeing the painted Z's

  5. The set up was damn impressive,

  6. Great bunch of photos.

  7. Very impresive terrain! The dark age game looked realy good!!!

  8. This shopping centre looks amazing. Something tells me that I need try to kill some Zombies as well...
    Thanks for sharing,

  9. Love the look of that set up Rodger, really very cool.

  10. Cool figures and scenery

  11. Really nice scenery, Rodger. If the escalator is a scratch! Very nicely done.

    1. Yes, the escalator is scratch built. Not by me though.

  12. It's getting in the game with your mates that counts. That and having fun.

    I like the cars in the parking lot!!

  13. Super set up - reminds me of those old X-Com games...

  14. The shopping centre does look good Rodger.


  15. Mmmm... Zombies!

    Nice one Rodger.