Friday, 27 June 2014

Americans from Sweden!

Following on from my win on Tamsin's Wargaming Girl blog I managed to get another win on Michael's Dalauppror blog!

 Below are photos of the WW2 Americans that won.

An American infantryman about to lunch a grenade from his rifle.

An American infantryman armed with a flamethrower.

and an American sniper.

 The very cool card that Michael sent with the troops and.....

.......a bunch of pamphlets from the Swedish History Museum, the Vasa Museum, The Royal Armoury and the Army Museum. Underneath all these is a map of where to find 85 museums in Stockholm. They all look very interesting. Now all I need to do is get myself to Sweden!

Thank you very much Michael.

If you have not visited Michael's blog before I suggest that you do. Lots of wonderful stuff there including some of the best homemade hand painted flags you could ever find.


  1. Very nice gifts - no Swedish Fish though? :) Best, Dean

  2. Great loot mate... and i hope you come to sweden soon ;)

  3. Congratulations on the win Rodger! And welcome to Sweden. :)

  4. Well deserved win Rodger

    I hope the pamphlets will lure you to Sweden, if so be sure to let us know and we set up a game and show you some of our museums, we might even get time for a beer to:)

    Best regards Michael

    1. A game and beer sounds awesome Michael! Thanks again!

  5. Hi there.
    A great idea to become Scandinavia.
    Did you know that, for example, Ju-87 was first prepared in Sweden.
    Similarly some Panzer (III - IV) prototypes.
    From there, not so far from the battlefields of eastern border ...

  6. A handy mix of support options with the Americans Roger.